Ted Cruz proposes a bill to give Marxists a taste of their own medicine

Posted by DC on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 05:50

There's a truth about Marxists: they fear nothing more than being inflicted with their own Marxism.  They always think they're going to be the ones at the top.

Consider any policy, and think of the leftist position.  In every single instance, it's a policy they want enforced on others, but not themselves.  It's a foundational difference between them and us conservatives.

We want what's best for society and our country while they want what they desire without consideration for others.  Even if they pretend to mean well, their policies are cruel and destructive; minimum wage is a perfect example, where they think they're helping the little guy, but in reality, they destroy job creating business and force that little guy to the unemployment line.

Taxes?  Tax the other guy who's richer, not me.  Guns?  I can protect my family, but take away that guy's gun.  Freedom of speech?  Ban that guy, but let me say what I want.  Defund police?  Take away their law enforcement but keep my security detail, or keep my police department for when I need to call 911.  School choice?  I can send my kids to private school, but that family must attend public school.

I can do this all day for literally every single leftist position.  You can count on this hypocrisy 100% of the time, no exceptions.

One of my favorite stories was from years ago when the Democrats were pushing through the ACA scam, aka Obamacare.  There was quite a kerfuffle among Harry Reid's staff, as they were central to putting together the anti-American legislation.

As a reward for their hard work, they would receive exemptions to the very policy they were working to ram up our asses.  If memory serves me correctly, we were heading into Christmas holiday as his staffers realized there weren't enough exemptions to go around.  Hilarity ensued.

Yesterday, Ted Cruz proposed a bill that would exploit the Marxists' desire to infest our cities with the third world.  His bill would brilliantly send refugees to the favorite vacations spots of the Marxist elites.

We've seen many times how the elites aren't fans of refugees, or even constituents for that matter (in the case of Pelosi's border wall around her house) when they have to co-exist with them.  A perfect example involved George Clooney when he famously decided to evacuate his European home for the United States when the refugees were getting a little too uppity around his property.

There's no chance Cruz' bill will make it all the way, but that's not its purpose.  It will simply serve as entertainment for us as their hypocrisy is put on display in front of the news cycle.  They won't care, of course, as they believe they will continue to control the election system, rendering the people a nuisance.

It will be fun to watch them evade.

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