George Clooney Showcases Liberal Hypocrisy

Posted by DC on Mon, 07/17/2017 - 21:52

My favorite thing about liberals is their hypocrisy. It's a never ending well of comedy.  No liberal ever wants to live in an environment where their policies manifest and will always adopt a conservative position when their family's safety, wealth, property, or free speech is at stake.

Us conservatives don't want freedom just for us but not others.  We like to spread the freedom around so it's good for everybody.  Conservatism is a solid foundation that has been refined and honed throughout history and rooted in human nature. Unfortunately, liberals always flee their blue states and take refuge in red states where they complain how backwards it is and proceed to vote for the same crap that forced them to flee.  It's the same mental disorder that hoarders have when a friend or family member helps clean their home, and in a few months they're waist-deep in garbage again.

Liberal parents love their children they didn't abort. They want to protect them from harm just like conservative parents do, even from career criminals they constantly advocate for in the name of oppression and injustice. There is a saying “a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet”. It's true, and it's delicious when celebrities publicly talk about such scenarios, like Joyce from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and Sherri from “The View”.  I plucked these two examples from Google out of countless examples.

George Clooney is such a celebrity. He and his wife are devout pro-refugee advocates who live in London. As Islam continues to completely take over Europe, it seems Clooney isn't feeling it's a safe place to raise his new baby twins:

“He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,” a source told Life and Style. “He’s determined to move his family to LA, where he feels much more secure.”

“He’s waited so long for this family,” the Clooney “insider” explained. “He’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.”

According to the source, Clooney hired former members of the U.S. Secret Service recently to “assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement.” The agents said Clooney’s Los Angeles estate in Studio City was most secure. The mansion is just minutes from a Los Angeles police department station.

Thankfully, Clooney clung to his US citizenship, so he doesn't need to claim refugee status and be forced to live within the danger he passionately fights for. This also saves him from having to live in his house in Italy in Lake Como, which is being overrun with migrants since Switzerland is shutting down its southern border:

Lake Como has long served as a tranquil paradise for the rich and famous, including George Clooney and Madonna.

But the town's railway station has been transformed into a makeshift camp, where the families live surrounded by discarded clothes, shoes, food containers and even rats.

Tensions are mounting in the luxury resort with more tents springing up every hour as more people arrive from Milan on their journey to northern Europe.

He chose to flee to his Studio City home in the safe confines of the oppressive United States. Maybe if he gets his way in that neighborhood he'll flee to Texas and have some oil tycoon as neighbor who wears a big belt buckle and cowboy hat.  That would be funny.  While he's getting his Los Angeles home ready maybe he can crash at one of Bernie Sanders' cribs. They could enjoy a nice cigar and a glass of wine while sitting on the dock, talking about how great other countries are that people are desperate to flee.

Clooney is a good liberal. I think he really does mean well and seems to have a big heart, but most liberals do because they don't understand the cruelty of their politics and how it hurts others.  I hope someday he cares for Americans he's fleeing to the same way he does refugees that he's escaping from.

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