Stop believing fake news about Jared Kushner trying to get Trump to concede

Posted by DC on Sun, 11/08/2020 - 20:10

There’s fake news circulating about Jared Kushner trying to get Trump to concede the election.  On its face that’s beyond ridiculous, but it shows how easily manipulated many are on team MAGA when it comes to Kushner for whatever reason.

This shouldn’t have to be said, but does anyone seriously think Kushner, who knows Trump better than any of us devoutly supporting him, would think Trump would concede when he won the election in a major landslide?  It’s too stupid to even consider.

The current hit on Kushner is that Trump “lost white support” this election, saying he (GEOTUS) spent more time pandering, ignoring “white voters”; that alone is a stupid fallacy.  Ironically, the dummies biting on this idiotic point haven’t considered two important factors.

One: You’re getting that decline number (I think it’s -5% off the top of my head) from fraudulent data.  Did it seriously escape your little pea-brain that we caught the enemy with massive voter fraud, and that you shouldn’t make any final demographic conclusions based on what skewed results we have in hand?

In reality, Trump seems to have doubled or tripled his 2016 numbers.  The “white working class” (I hate that Marxist term, but I’m using it for the common colloquialism) was expected to turn out in unprecedented numbers, especially in the rust belt; it looks like they did indeed.

Two: The reason the enemy had to stop counting in the middle of the night was because of the President’s incredible winning in deep blue areas.  Criminal justice reform and “pandering” seems to have worked just fine.  If not for “pandering”, anonymously attributed to Kushner, of which out-shined media narratives, we may not have had Trump’s overwhelming numbers in blue areas, causing the stop in counting, thereby exposing the hook for investigating voter fraud.

I’ve found that people who blame Kushner for everything back to the Kennedy assassination don’t really trust Donald Trump and think he’s weak-minded and easily manipulated.  They think he’s too stupid to hire the right people and can’t spot the traitor a mile away.  This is a common attribute of the Kushner-haters.

That’s fine, as long as they cast votes and support our side, but for those of you reading the narrative, don’t be a moron and bite on this fake news.  Trump won this election in a ridiculous landslide, and concession isn’t even part of the conversation.


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