This contested election is the greatest thing that’s happened to this country

Posted by DC on Sat, 11/07/2020 - 22:34

Remember how you felt during the Mueller probe?  Remember how you felt during the impeachment coup attempt?  Remember how you felt when the President came down with COVID?  How many times did the President prevail in glorious, GEOTUS fashion while the never-Trump idiots and media worked against us, ultimately melting down in fury?

This is no different, and in fact, is the greatest thing that’s happened for our country, arguably, ever.  The entire country is learning, first-hand, the degree to which our votes, which is to say our voice, have been stolen from us over the years.

The illegal ballots are one issue, and those will be cast into the dumpster along with the dreams of Marxists begging for a coup, and the criminal poll-workers are another, but the big story is “Scorecard”; the deep-state software that changes votes in thirty states.

From a software developer’s perspective, there is absolutely no reason for a “glitch”.  No processing should be happening between the user input to storage.  There’s no “algorithm” that should be implemented that determines what the user “really meant”.  You click Trump, it records Trump; it’s that simple.  Otherwise, it’s fraud.

What happened in MI looks to be happening elsewhere.  At this point, the train has left the station and there’s no putting the fraud genie back in the bottle.  Every state using this software will need to be audited.

How did it work?  This thread here gives some numbers to what a lot of us have suspected for some years.  To summarize, let’s say you have a strong red county that would go 99-1 to Trump.  This software “pads” that county, let’s say to 60-40 Trump.  The county still wins to stay under the radar, but significantly increases Creepy’s vote count.  Then, when the deep blue areas come in, they run up the tally, pushing Creepy over the edge.

However, Trump did incredibly well in deep blue areas, far more than any bubble-dweller could have imagined.  When that count wasn’t there, and it became apparent the software under-calculated, they had to stop the counting in the middle of the night, load up fake ballots, and tell the Fox News idiots that Creepy is running away with it.

They’ve been caught, and now their little scam is out in the open for the world to see.

To bring this home, this software is part of “The Hammer”, created by John Brennan before he engineered Hussein’s election.  Who has been a target of John Durham?  John Brennan.  It seems to me that Brennan was caught using his toys trying to steal the election.

President Trump is giving back to the people free elections, returning control back to us.

After the voting is audited, we'll probably find that Trump won 90-10, and the uncovered totals will reveal a landslide that's hard to comprehend. President Trump’s second term is going to be mind-blowing!

Cut out the "I hope you're right", or "If Biden wins" crap, and for the love of God stop watching coup-conspirators like Fox News.  Trump dominated this election, and we're about to enjoy a tsunami of leftist tears for years.


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