Scott Presler's endeavor will pry open Trump votes in Democrat strongholds for 2020

Posted by DC on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 23:26

In a few days, the entire dynamic of the 2020 Presidential campaign changed in a major way.  With the President firing on all cylinders with the economy, exposing corruption in the intelligence agencies, kicking globalism in the nuts to bring the world closer to a true free-trade global economy, and stopping the invasion from Mexico, 2020 was already looking good for Americans.

The Trump campaign machine started the first day after the 2016 election and has gained strength since, so much so that Brad Parscale says they'll tally up more states.  The biggest adversary of the Trump campaign (and conservative campaigns in general) is voter fraud, which was front-and-center in the 2018 mid-terms.  Even hard-core skeptics on voter fraud have come around to what is common sense, that Democrats need to steal elections to win.  Most of the voter fraud problem is concentrated in areas like West Baltimore.

After the President spanked Elijah Cummings in front of the entire world, asking where $16 billion in federal grants disappeared to and highlighted the disgusting craphole that is his district in Baltimore, people started asking questions.  "Yeah, where did that money go Cummings?  Why is Baltimore a craphole?".

Scott Presler seized the moment and organized a volunteer trash pickup group of a few hundred people.  It was very successful, with 12 tons of trash removed in 12 hours.  Of course there's plenty more trash, but it showed what a few volunteers could do for free, leaving to the imagination what $16 billion could accomplish.

Scott Presler

The real punch to the libtards is the positive response from the Baltimore residents, and an approval bump from blacks.  This is a red-alarm, all-hands-on-deck crisis as a Democrat stronghold has been infiltrated.  Like conservatives speaking on college campuses or the exposure of the global warming hoax, a controlled city where pretty much every community "leader" and politician is corrupt, controls votes and government money, has been infiltrated.

The pressure is coming top-down from the President bringing the issue of craphole cities and corruption to the forefront nationally, and from the ground-up by would-be Democrat voters and residents in this area.  People are asking questions, and local politicians, clergymen, and local leaders need to have answers.  With the pressure coming from both directions, the corruption is going to pop and be exposed.

The beauty of what Presler pulled off on a whim is it's a template that can be repeated and rolled out to other Democrat-controlled crapholes across the country, and even more successfully with more media exposure, time, money, and planning.  The Marxist Democrat party can't compete with real action, like rolling up sleeves and picking up trash.



This cleanup endeavor will spread like wildfire because it's an opportunity for normal people to "do something".  Many conservatives get frustrated and wonder "what can we do to make a dent", and this is something that does good for a neglected part of town, makes a political statement, indirectly exposes government corruption, promotes community outreach, and gets people to ask questions (the left's worst nightmare).

The cherry on top is libtards are not happy about this cleanup endeavor.  The Baltimore Sun even flung poo at Presler, making the Democrats look even more stupid.  They're now caught in a trap because Baltimore residents are supportive and appreciative of what pro-Trump Presler did.  One question that will be asked is "why can't $16 billion get you a few dumpsters for a cleanup effort?".

The media attention from this and future cleanups is going to be gold for us, amplified by promotion from the President.  Even more beneficial to the country is this shows other politicians that going after corruption and exposing rat-infested crapholes is a winning issue.

What the President did by going after Cummings, and what Presler put together should not be underestimated and is the beginning of a massive political shift that will last for years.  In the short term for Baltimore and upcoming cities, Democrat voters will break for Trump and show up to vote.

This is part of a great awakening.


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