President Trump lands heavy counter-punch with statement on Ashli Babbitt

Posted by DC on Thu, 07/01/2021 - 18:31

Today, the New York AG indicted the CFO of the Trump Organization for literally no reason.  The deep-state is backed into a corner like the disease-ridden rodents they are and the remaining levers of their control are law enforcement in commie-controlled cities.

Another news item today was Nancy Pelosi appointed Liz Cheney to the "January 6th Commission".  These two items were a perfect opportunity for President Trump to throw a devastating punch.

He released this statement:

“Who shot Ashli Babbitt?”


With videos, testimonies, and law enforcement overtly waging an intimidation campaign, the Capitol Building riots lie has no place to penetrate, and in fact, ricochets back on them and hits them in the eye.

An even bigger problem for the enemy is this lie is all they have.  To compound the self-inflicted damage, they shot and killed an innocent woman, and everyone knows who did it.  They've been desperate to avoid this from breaking out and have tried to keep it covered to stave off any official accountability.

President Trump took his massive spotlight and shined it right in their faces in front of the entire world, asking them who murdered this woman.  Not only does it shine light on the question itself, but their "Trump incited riots" lie must directly compete with it.

The audits are bad enough.  Now, they have to answer for their part in a murder while watching their narrative disintegrate between their fingers.  Even Psycho Joe is saying "whew! thank goodness I'm not THOSE guys!".

The President's single statement will have these effects:

  • Liz Cheney will likely not only be kicked out of GOP committees, but also recalled in Wyoming.  She's as done as done can be because the optics are now that she's trying to cover up a murder.
  • The pressure on the New York AG will be too great, and will look for a way to drop charges against the Trump Organization's CFO.  On a side note, I'm very interested in how the news of the botched attempt to rig the election in NY saw the light of day, and somehow timed with the New York announcement that no charges against the President himself.
  • This will fire up MAGA because everyone gets excited when the President throws a punch.  This means waning libtards in our vicinity are subject to our influence as well.
  • A fired up MAGA base puts pressure on the RINOs in the state legislatures dragging their feet to start their Arizona-type audits.  This also provides a distraction for them to move forward behind the scenes while the enemy deals with the Babbitt situation.

The President has always done an incredible job pacing the enemy.  He coasts at a certain speed, lets them get comfortable and adapt, then he shifts gears and causes them to scramble, creating opportunities.

This was a brilliant, tactical strike by the President.


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