Rebuttal to Joe Cunningham’s RedState article about Joe Scarborough

Posted by DC on Thu, 05/28/2020 - 21:40

I love RedState.  I’ve been reading them since their early days, but stopped once it became a platform for anti-Trump trash.  Last year they purged those losers who were posting Russia collusion lies and flung poo daily at the greatest president in history.  Once the never-Trump stink wore off I put it back in my daily rotation.  The Editor in Chief, streiff, brought the publication back from the gutter and made it great again, but it looks like some writers have been flying under the radar.

Today, Joe Cunningham echoed anti-Trump sentiment regarding the President’s tweets targeted at Joe Scarborough in an article at RedState.  Did Joe kill that girl? I have no idea, and I certainly presume one’s innocence until proven otherwise, but the cold case has left many questions by those who’ve studied it.

Cunningham slants the article with a triggering title “This Attack on Joe Scarborough Needs To End”.  The President hasn’t “attacked” Scarborough at all.  

The article begins with a lie:

There are two facts that are beyond dispute.

The following facts are indeed in dispute.  First:

The first fact is that Joe Scarborough did not kill Lori Klausutis. She was determined to have a previously unknown heart condition, and that upon falling and hitting her head, she died as a result of it. The death was listed as blunt force trauma because of that fall, but the heart condition is why the fall was fatal.

Meet the medical examiner Dr. Michael Berkland:

A former medical examiner stashed human brains, hearts and lungs from more than 100 people in soda cups and food containers inside a storage unit, authorities have said.

The remains, which included tissue samples and 10 brains, were found in a unit in Pensacola, Florida that had previously been rented by Dr. Michael Berkland.

A man made the grisly discovery when he bought the contents of the unit at an auction last week after Berkland stopped paying his rent - but he immediately called police after opening its doors to a pungent smell.

This isn't the type of guy I'm trusting with anything.  I wouldn't let him examine my nephew's hamster when it dies. 

Florida was not the only place Berkland ran into trouble over his work. In 1996, he was fired as a contract medical examiner in Jackson County, Missouri, in a dispute over his autopsy reports.

Berkland had incorrectly stated on the reports that he had taken sections of several brains to be preserved as specimens for medical conferences and teaching purposes, AP reported.

He claimed they were 'proofreading errors' and the Missouri attorney general's office found they did not jeopardize any criminal cases.

Here's a fact that's not in dispute: Joe Cunningham believes this guy and finds him credible.  Um, yeah, Mr. Cunningham, I'm not going to accept anything this lunatic put in his report.


Joe Scarborough questions


Cunningham's second absurd point is also in dispute:

The second indisputable fact is that Scarborough and his co-host/wife, Mika Brzezinski, repeatedly gave free, friendly coverage to Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 presidential primary. They elevated his profile in a way that few others did. Upon his nomination and throughout his presidency, Scarborough and Brzezinski turned on Trump, going from friendly faces to outright enemies. They have savaged him, implied or accused him of every possible crime, and have thoroughly clowned themselves in how shamelessly they went from friendly interviewers to hostile critics.

Small wonder that the betrayal of people he was “friends” with stung like hell and caused the President of the United States to turn around and level the same type of “conspiracy theory” accusations back at them.

The premise that MSNBC had any role in the successful election of President Trump is laughable.  Their audience is so minuscule that if someone were looking for a good place to hide, they should become a “Morning Joe” contributor; nobody would see them.

Cunningham also attempts to leverage some credibility to the article by playing captain obvious in regards to “The Morning Joe”’s seditious propagation of Russian collusion, but loses it when he relates the President’s tweets as “conspiracy theory” (a staple of never-Trump’ism).

It isn’t “gross behavior”, as dramatically phrased by Cunningham.  In fact, I would not be surprised if Klausutis’ family deeply appreciates the pressure being applied by the President.

As someone with an in-law who’s parent was blatantly murdered by a psychopath, I can tell you with absolute certainty my sibling’s spouse would be eternally grateful for national attention.  The spouse of the victim of that tragedy is in the clear because of how she executed her plan (a cunning, genius woman who was an experienced nurse with years of criminal defense experience), and if the President tweeted about that case, it would be her penning an opinion against the President.

Cunningham plays the world’s smallest fiddle for the Office which was used as a platform to decimate our country for decades, but now we have someone who’s actually fights for the little guy.  President Trump relates to us and it drives never-Trumpers insane.

Another plank of never-Trumpism is “how much better we should be” in terms of enjoying the President’s tweets.  For those of you who don't follow the digital media personalities, this is them taking a swipe at us rubes who support Trump, because we're dumb and attracted to shiny things, while writers like Cunningham are so much more intellectually evolved.

I actually like Cunningham's articles and think he's a great writer, but he gave us a peek up his never-Trump skirt.  After decades of wishing “oh, he should say this”, or “why doesn’t he call them out on that”, we have someone in office actually doing it.  Mr. President, your tweets are PERFECT.  Please keep it up!  Hopefully this cold case will be solved and anyone responsible for her death will be brought to justice.  I can guarantee her loved once would greatly appreciate it.



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