The Pillow Man continues to outsmart the enemy

Posted by DC on Wed, 07/21/2021 - 20:54

If you've been following Mike Lindell's strategy, you'll know he's been roping in the enemy to attend his cyber symposium August 10th in Sioux Falls.

To recap, Lindell weaponized TDS against the enemy by laying out some easy bait.  He displayed a data stream on his "9-0" video and called them packet captures.  The only thing is they weren't packet captures, just a hex dump of some unencrypted data.

The leftists could not resist posting all over Twitter about how the data is fake and Lindell was played and he's following "Trump conspiracy theories".  This forced them into the open, and those with cyber skills got a lot of attention of non-technical libtards by debunking the easy to debunk data stream.

Now, they're on the hook to comment on the data to be released at Lindell's cyber symposium.  They will either have to confirm the data is what Lindell's team says it is, or they will remain silent, which will be deafening.

On Bannon's show, Lindell sweetened the pot with $5mm reward to anyone who can disprove the data, and he gave a little more information about the event:



That's what I call putting your money where your mouth is.  To attend the event as a cybersecurity professional, you need to be a CISSP.  This is smart, and establishes the credibility, but I'd open it up beyond that.

I would certainly offer that reward to the CISSPs attending the event, but after a period of time, I'd open it up to the public, with maybe a $10mm reward.  There are some incredibly talented cybersecurity brains, even some infected with TDS; in fact, TDS would be an incredible motivator for them, even more so than a $10mm reward.

Another thing I would do is do a CTF on the Dominion machines they have in their possession.  Maybe split up a $2mm, where the fastest gets $500k, second fastest gets $250k, then third $100k, and on; maybe the top 10 get a decent reward that makes it worth their time.  This would highlight how insanely unsecure the machines are.

I'm not sure how to make this exciting for the non-tech who will be watching the stream.  It would be cool if they go through the various teams, with a commentary team that can translate the tech-to-laymen and highlight the significance.  Maybe some hotties who can roam the floor for hot takes.

Ultimately, I think Lindell will make it fun.  I mean, what could be more fun and exciting than exposing the enemy?



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