CONFIRMED: Lindell baited the enemy with fake "pcap" data

Posted by DC on Thu, 06/10/2021 - 12:19

I was confident that it was the case that Lindell was setting a trap for all the "Trump lost" clowns.  I posted a few days ago about how the data in Lindell's "9-0" video was not pcap data but just a hex dump (a tool we use) of unencrypted CSV data.  I posited that it was bait, and I'm now certain of that after he mentioned an upcoming event in July.

I knew that once the BlueAnon libtards realized this wasn't the pcap data Lindell said it was, they'd enter a state of giddy euphoria and crank up threads on Twitter about how Lindell was tricked and you can't believe anything he said and that Trump lost.

Last night on Steve "hol-hol-hol-hol-hol-hold on" Bannon's show (clip below), Lindell confirmed this indeed WAS NOT the data, and he's releasing his real data at an event where he's inviting "cyber teams from around the country" to confirm it.

The reason this is funny is because without a doubt the cyber leftists spent the past week making fun of Lindell's data (because it was so easy to disprove) and likely garnered a lot of attention for debunking it.

Now they're in a position where after Lindell publicly releases it at his event, they'll either be completely silent, which would be obvious to non-technical lefties who watched them tweet away this past week, and will continue to be counting on them to further debunk Lindell; or they'll be in a position where they have to confirm it's real.

The bait part was getting them to comment and analyze the fake data non-stop, so they've have no choice but to comment and analyze the data to be released at his July cyber event.  He tricked them into putting their credibility on the line over their hatred for Trump or insistence that he lost.

The concern of MAGA will be that the leftists will simply lie and say the data isn't real, but that's not a concern.  If they're two steps left of Karl Marx and the biggest Trump-haters in the world, they will still have no choice but to acknowledge the data is real.

Check mate, ladies and gentlemen.  Nothing will be more enjoyable than watching leftists squirm and scurry away, or even better, have to admit the data is indeed a cyber attack on our elections.

To recap:

  • no, the data in his "9-0" video is not the real data, and Lindell confirmed he knows that on Bannon's show
  • he's going to have an event in July and invite cyber professionals to look at the data.  This will include leftist cyber experts who would then be forced to admit the data is real.

Well played Mr. Lindell, well played.



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