Patriot Kyle Rittenhouse made the world a better place by taking out some AntiFa-BLM trash

Posted by DC on Fri, 08/28/2020 - 16:05

This week in Kenosha, some AntiFa-BLM terrorists got a taste of what happens when their victim’s will to live is greater than their will to take his life.  Two of the losers are now food for maggots, and the other lost a chunk of his arm.

Excellent shooting Kyle!

Kyle Rittenhouse was clearly in the right, yet as if on cue, a Marxist District Attorney immediately filed charges against the patriot.  That’s fine, because super-lawyer Lin Wood, the attorney who represents trillionaire Nick Sandman, has offered his pro-bono services for this no-brainer of a case:



Last month, the McCloskeys were in a situation similar to Rittenhouse’s in that self defense had been criminalized by a Marxist prosecutor.  In the McCloskey’s case however, the Republican Governor and Attorney General protected the couple and took a stand for law and order.  Democrat voters throughout the country saw what happens when Republican conservatives are elected to state and local office.

In Rittenhouse’s case, he’s in the cross-hairs of a Democrat Governor and a Marxist prosecutor who seems to have a slight problem with justice:



Wood will drop this prosecutor on his head while simultaneously cracking open the slanderous media like cash-stuffed pinatas.  If the prosecutor moves forward on Rittenhouse, my 50-state Trump landslide prediction is even more of a certainty.

In my thirty-something years of following politics, I've never seen so much disgust with Democrats by Americans.  The pressure is on the Democrat politicians, by Democrat operatives who depend on campaign contributions, to do something pro-American heading into the election.  Will Governor Evers intervene like Missouri Governor Parsons and Attorney General Schmitt did for the McCloskeys?


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There will never be a civil war in this country, because there's way more of us than them.  Once law enforcement totally goes out the window, AntiFa-BLM and any Marxist proxy cells will be destroyed in every nook and cranny in the country by supper time, in time to catch Tucker.

They don't have the numbers; they don't have the survival skills; they don't have the mental toughness; they don't have the tactical knowledge; they don't have the will; they don't have the martial arts training.  They can't even change a tire or ask a girl out on a date.

They sure as hell couldn't win a conflict where they start out surrounded (they're urban), out-gunned, and out-manned.  We'd cut off their food and electricity, and pick them off one-by-one as they wander into the outskirts like deranged zombies looking for aid.

This seventeen year-old was running and tried to avoid conflict, yet still managed to drop two and disable another.  Once Rittenhouse beats these charges, with Wood's help, more patriots will be less hesitant to fight back.

Final note, to those of you saying "he's a kid and shouldn't have been......."; he's a man and is old enough to die for his country.  He can go where the hell he wants, when he wants.  He didn't ask for conflict, but he ended it.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a patriot and a hero.  After he's out of legal jeopardy, I hope he cleans up with libel settlements and can't walk outside without girls throwing their panties at him. 




Rittenhouse Hero


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