No, Hillary’s not running - she’s laying political cover from the DOJ

Posted by DC on Wed, 10/23/2019 - 16:15

There’s an adorable rumor floated by Hillary Clinton and circulated by some in the political digital media that she is going to make another run.  She has no plans to run, and her hints of entering the race are to lay cover as Barr, Durham, and Huber are nearing the end.

Look how well it’s working for Biden.  Nobody with an IQ above 20 believes Trump did anything wrong yet the entire impeachment narrative kept alive by the Chinese-controlled American media and never-Trump crowd is that Trump was so scared of the Biden political machine that he desperately had to reach out for dirt to take him down.

What’s really hilarious about that premise is, like, we don’t have fields of mountains of dirt on Biden here in the United States.  Regardless, desperation makes people do irrational things like enter a race you’re certain to lose for the purpose of staving off indictments, and when they come, you can scream “political persecution”.

The RINO never-Trump crowd, like David French and Erick Erickson, who know they’ve been embarrassed once again in biting down hard on a lie, are desperately wanting Hillary to get arrested, not because they want Hillary to go down, but because they can point to yet another Trump “political competitor” that’s being taken down by Trump the dictator.

When she’s indicted, the RINO never-Trump crowd, with the Chinese-controlled American propagandists, are going to collapse on Trump and sound the impeachment alarm like you’ve never heard in your life.  That's OK, because the House will never vote on it, as that's a guaranteed way for the Republicans to take back control (which will happen anyway).  Once they take back control with a fresh crop of pro-Trump representatives the pain will be even more harsh.

Ironically, the Senate would actually convict Trump.  Anyone who thinks we have a pro-Trump majority Republican Senate is really delusional.  At least half of them would love to see Trump gone, but the corrupt definitely want to cling to their seats, so they're in a real pickle.  Case in point, Mitch McConnell has been mumbling about impeachment, but who's up for reelection in 2020.  Guess where Trump's having a rally on November 4.  Watch McConnell over the next few weeks, and watch how he positions against his likely challenger.

I wonder how Kentucky will feel about their senator not smacking down impeachment talk as the President tells them all the crap he's dealing with.  The other anti-Trump senators took notice of what happened in Louisiana, and Trump's endorsement record, so the pressure is going to be intense for them as the President uses their own constituency against them.

I partially believe Gabbard (devout supporter of the Iran-deal and global warming scams) is tempting Clinton to get into the race as the hammer is about to fall so, again, she can say “I was going to run but Trump was scared of me so he sicked the DOJ on me!”.

What’s really funny is Trump supporters saying “just go away”, while cheering on Tulsi Gabbard.  Trump would crush Hillary worse than last time, so why would any logical Trump supporter not want her to run?

Once Biden drops out, the hammer is going to come down on him hard.  While he’s running he’s acting as a gatekeeper for Obama, who I think the DOJ will go after in Trump’s second term.  The corruption is just too great to give a pass.

Biden’s back to killing everyone else in the polls.  Why is that?  Sure, the others are complete clowns, but Biden isn’t exactly Jack Kennedy.  They need him to stay in with an illusion of popularity.  If his polls get too low everyone will wonder why he’s not dropping out.  With strong polling, why would he drop out?

Another hilarious narrative is the Democrat candidates don't want Hillary to get in.  Actually, they're likely begging for her to jump in because none of them want to be left holding the nomination bag to face Trump.  That's like everyone fighting to be the nominee to stand on the tracks to take on a train.  Hillary gives them a plausible excuse to drop out.

Hillary may go as far as officially declaring, but she’s not “running” per se; she may declare as a defensive move.  Meanwhile, Clapper and Brennan have retained counsel and are about to be interrogated by Durham, and they’re in a no-win situation in terms of their complicity with the attempted coup.

Hillary won't run, but she may declare.  Enjoy it, because it's going to be entertaining.



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