Nebraska Republicans killed Jake Gardner

Posted by DC on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 22:02

After I posted about how the country is looking to red states to see how Republican officials support their citizens’ God-given right to self defense, a Nebraska bar owner was forced to use deadly force to preserve his life, only to be abandoned by Republicans who allowed him to be prosecuted.  Sadly, he saw no other option but to take his own life.

This story infuriates me because the Nebraska Republican officials allowed Marxist operatives to go after Gardner and essentially give him a death sentence.

If he did nothing, he’d be dead at the hands of a violent criminal.  Instead, he defended himself, resulting in a situation where he’d have been convicted by a tainted jury (see Roger Stone) and certainly murdered in prison.  Therefore, suicide gave him some control over how he'd go.

He received no support from the Republican Governor Pete Ricketts, the Republican Attorney General Doug Peterson, Republican majority state legislature (no, it's not "non-partisan"), or either Republican U.S. Senator, including never-Trump rodent Ben Sasse.

The case was ruled self defense and closed, but the spinless, weak, and likely compromised Democrat Douglas County District Attorney opened an investigation which ultimately manufactured evidence to hit him with ridiculous charges.

Why did the Governor, Attorney General, or Senators not come to his aid and support him, at least publicly?  This is a heart-breaking story because of the quality of person Gardner seemed to be, and it shows how timid and scared Republicans are to do the right thing.  The Missouri Governor said he'd pardon the McCloskeys if convicted.  The Attorney General squashed the prosecution.  The Nebraska Governor and Attorney General did nothing and let this guy die at the hands of someone who had no care for human life, and by a Marxist movement.

Nebraska, you need to raise some hell over this.


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