It's clear what President Trump will do - the enemy is in SERIOUS trouble

Posted by DC on Fri, 12/18/2020 - 05:20

With the cyberattacks of our critical infrastructure, like election system, the Pentagon the other day, Energy Department, and National Nuclear Security Administration, along with the discovery of the SolarWinds exploit, among others, there is absolutely no question what's happening and where the President is taking us.

Here's the punchline: it's now a fact that American traitors in government and private sector have worked with China and other foreign adversaries to attack the United States to compromise our national security.

These foreign attackers aren't having success simply because they're super-smart; they're hitting our critical systems because traitors on our side are "leaving the door unlocked", so to speak, either by known software exploits, or knowingly procuring infrastructure that is compromised or manufactured by the enemy, like critical components made in China, or by providing information and support in general.

"At this point, the investigation has found that the malware has been isolated to business networks only, and has not impacted the mission essential national security functions of the department, including the National Nuclear Security Administration," Hynes said in a statement. "When DOE identified vulnerable software, immediate action was taken to mitigate the risk, and all software identified as being vulnerable to this attack was disconnected from the DOE network.”

The attack on DOE is the clearest sign yet that the hackers were able to access the networks belonging to a core part of the U.S. national security enterprise. The hackers are believed to have gained access to the federal agencies’ networks by compromising the software company SolarWinds, which sells IT management products to hundreds of government and private-sector clients.

If a cybercriminal is hitting, let's say, a financial services provider, big deal.  They'll screw up some bank accounts, crash the NYSE, and make life miserable for a bunch of customers for a while, but nobody is getting killed and our national security isn't under a state of siege.

If you're hitting the most secure systems of critical national security, like the Office of the President, or our Department of Defense, then that's a big problem, and the lives of millions of people are in jeopardy.  If weaponized artificial intelligence or enemies like the CCP gains access to those systems, things can really go sideways with our country fast.



To get an idea of what this is all about, for you kids younger than us Gen-Xers, check out a movie from 1983 called "Wargames".  I watched it a few weeks ago and it holds up really well, but it gives you an idea of what could happen if we lose control of critical systems of national security.

Our safety and national security are dependent on technology, and enemies dedicated to taking control of the world to enslave us under a communist regime (ask Hong Kong if that's conspiracy theory) are gaining access (or trying) to those systems with the help of American traitors.

The traitors will definitely hang over this, no question.  I love to jokingly say Hussein, Brennan, and others will be sent to GITMO for their treasonous crimes against our Republic with an expectation they'll just be prosecuted at some point down the road once everyone else is rolled up, but I think with what we're seeing on this cyberwar front with the CCP, I am more certain than ever that these people will be taken into custody by the military and face the ultimate justice.

How serious is this?  This isn't about the election.  Our election system is just another critical system with the others they were trying to control.  This was indeed a major sting, but I figured it was to catch the deep-state traitors trying to steal the election.

No, that's not it.

Yes, they were trying to steal the election, and they were caught, but this SolarWinds "hack" was a real wake-up call, as was the DNI's statement on foreign interference yesterday.  The case is being made more each day and will be brought to the American people about how bad this CCP-foreign infiltration has been with Americans working with them.

The people, overwhelmingly who voted for President Trump, will be beyond enraged and demand for these traitors to be brought to justice.

The election is like your neighbor trying to steal your car at night.  The CCP-cyberwar-traitor problem is like him trying to sneak into your house to rape and kill your daughter.  The election is secondary, because once you take care of the problem where he's trying to get to your daughter, the other one is solved at the same time.

I feel even more certain of President Trump's second term, because taking care of these traitors puts him in office for another four years by default.  If you're rolling your eyes at the concept of the military getting involved in this, then you don't understand the severity and seriousness of these cyberattacks and how real they are.

If you're someone who scoffs at the fact that our election systems are controlled by foreign entities, then in all reality you're just not very bright.

I anticipate the President making an emergency address that the networks will be forced to carry, and he will lay all of this out to the American people.  I used to think the Spygate coup attempt was as serious it could get, with rogue DOJ officials lying to FISA courts.

Then I thought the stealing of our elections was the most serious.  Now, those are second fiddle to infiltration of the CCP into our critical systems, as well as CCP party members in our government and private industries.

We all knew the communists infiltrated our country, but wow, they're in way deeper than I could have imagined.  No worries, the President will exterminate these cockroaches.






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