It's a big deal if the Senate acquits Trump

Posted by DC on Fri, 02/12/2021 - 17:16

I've been thinking more about the fake impeachment trial, and I believe this is even more consequential than the fake impeachment over Ukraine.  If the Senate acquits, they will cement the fact that Congress lied about the Capitol Building, and also admit the election was stolen.

In the first impeachment, the Ukraine lies were confusing for most of the country.  If you ask most people, they couldn't recite a single fact from the entire ordeal.  However, if you ask most people about Nixon, they'll tell you he covered up the Watergate break-in.  With Clinton, they'll tell you he committed perjury (yet, many still inaccurately say it was over Lewinsky).

With Ukraine, the average person has no idea, which in itself makes sense because the President did nothing wrong.  They don't know about pencil-neck's "parody" being exposed because GEOTUS released the call transcript, or about the declassified testimonies from the House investigation that showed every single one of the 53 witnesses say, under oath, that they had no evidence or any knowledge of the President doing anything wrong.

The Capitol Building incident, on the other hand, is different.  The average person who's at least following the edges of politics either believe the President instigated a riot, or it was a failed hail Mary plot by Congress and some deep-state turds that went off the rails, which most know it was; that was obvious five minutes after the incident.

Pelosi and the Republicans have pushed the lie that Trump incited the "riot".  It's part of the impeachment charges, and the fake news is running it 24x7.  Big Social is pushing it, and MAGA remainers on these platforms are being kicked off for posting evidence contradicting the absurd official narrative.

Again, people didn't understand the Ukraine fiasco, or anything about it.  It was complicated.  People do understand the accusation that Trump supposedly yelled "charge!!" and sent a bunch of crazed MAGA white supremacists to storm the Capitol Building and try to have non-consensual sex with AOC.

The Senate is in big trouble if they acquit.  Trump leading an attack on the Capitol Building is supposed to be a matter of fact.  This trial should be a slam-dunk for Congress and anti-Trump rejects.  What is the message to the nation if Trump is not only acquitted, but it's proven it was an organized event by the people who tried to impeach him?

How can this charge be made against the President, get through the House and to the Senate, only to end in an acquittal?  What about the evidence presented by the anti-Trump idiots?

You might be saying "yeah, but there was no evidence in the first impeachment and the people didn't care", but again, the people didn't understand that trial.  This one is simple, and the entire country has been sold the narrative that it's a slam dunk.

What if he's acquitted?  The idiots praying for a conviction will be forced to question why it didn't happen.  Questions will be asked.  Little lights will flip on in their brains wondering why the evidence was so weak and couldn't be accepted by a 50-50 Senate, with well over the required 2/3 who hate Trump.

If the Senate acquits, the country will take notice, more so than the first impeachment because they'll understand it.  OJ was accused of murder and he was acquitted.  Casey Anthony was accused of killing her child and she was acquitted.

People understand those examples in the sense that the charges were simple and the end results were simple to understand juxtaposed with months of public conviction by the TV legal pundits.

The charges against Trump are simple, and if acquitted, it will be a big wake-up call.  I think Graham is lying and they will convict, but we'll see.  Republicans in states where the elections are not controlled by the CCP are at more risk than those in states where voters are little more than a nuisance and have no impact on election results (like Georgia).

I'm hoping this trial delves into election fraud.  The Senate is terrified of the facts of the election being opened to the world, which is why I think Graham is floating the certainty for an acquittal, i.e., "don't bring up election fraud or we'll convict".

In the impeachment charges, Pelosi makes the allegation against Trump that he lied about the election crimes.  I would love for this to take center stage, but with or without the defense against Pelosi's lie, an acquittal also confirms Trump was right about the election.

See why the Senate is under so much pressure?  They have the weight of the deep-state bearing down on them, with the pressure of the people pushing from the other end.  They MUST convict.  There is no other option, and they are in big trouble if they don't.

Here's a heady dose of fact: both of Trump's impeachments involved Joe Biden.  The first was over Ukraine, and the second involves election crimes.  Think about how desperate the Republicans and Democrats are to protect Biden and the decades' worth of crimes of those controlling him.  Back again to Ukraine, the House impeached Trump because he exposed Biden's Ukraine corruption, as well as the State Department and others.

Anything less than a conviction now is unacceptable to them, and they will not be able to just ignore it or sweep it under the rug like the complicated first impeachment.

Beyond the trial, I'm thinking pedo crimes are about to be used to cause some chaos for the deep-state, and we're beginning to see some of that already.  Talk about throwing a rock at the hornets' nest.  The scrambling would be epic.

Look how much spin was spun over the founder of the Pedo Project (by the way, if you're not following the absolute hilarity of what's happening with them, you should be).  What would the effect be for a judge, or Senator, or someone in such a prominent and critical position?  The level of sickness of these people is the real X-factor that the masses will not be able to ignore.  Read the article from the link in the previous paragraph to see what I mean.

On an unrelated topic, Nick Di Paolo is doing his show on GabTV (his first episode he leads in with the impeachment).



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