I’m more confident the Kraken is rolling back the fraudulent votes

Posted by DC on Wed, 11/18/2020 - 09:18

I wrote about this theory yesterday, using a database concept to articulate what I think may be happening with the Kraken.  I have no idea if that’s a person, a supercomputer, or an operation, but I believe “it” is automatically putting votes back to where they’re supposed to be.

Why automatically?  Once the bad guys are cut out of the system and all the coup-plotters swear about how secure the system is, they aren’t going to be able to make the case that votes were changed once they see the final numbers that were a landslide for Trump.

The coup-plotters in charge of certifications are going to be in a position of certifying a Trump landslide that they thought was a Biden win since election night.

It explains this:



See how confused these guys are about what’s happening?  It’s a stick.  It’s not a stick.  Who knows?  The end result is the counts aren’t matching with what’s in the voting system.  Why?  (No, seriously... why?)

I could easily be wrong, and any software guy who spent five minutes looking over the architecture of the systems would have spent five more than I have.  We do know for a fact, however, that these systems are ridiculously insecure.  We know the feds were monitoring the elections, so they know what the numbers should be.

Yesterday we had two more counties in Georgia magically have memory sticks fall out of the sky, giving Trump more votes.  In Michigan, GOP canvassers were intimidated into certifying results they refused to certify earlier in the day.  They certified, but called for an audit.

How important is Wayne County?



We’re up against certification deadlines, so I anticipate the caterwauling from the enemy will be deafening, assuming my theory is correct.  People are focused on what’s happening in the courts (which I addressed here), but I don’t think that’s more distraction and supplemental strategy.

Momentum is on Trump’s side, where found ballots and certification chaos benefits us.  The enemy is fighting against it at every turn, exposing themselves in the process.  For my theory to hold water, we should see more “missing votes” today, at least in Georgia.



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