The enemy's coup failed and their control of our Republic is slipping away

Posted by DC on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 13:27

For each day that passes, the pressure mounts on the cabal to figure out how to get Trump out of office.  The media are desperate to paint the picture that Biden won, even though nobody is buying it.  Time is running out for them, and they need to make a move.  What will they do?

Everyone knows Trump trounced Biden.  They know somebody doesn’t win a record 74mm votes, yet not flip a single state house, or not gain the Senate, or lose House seats.  In fact, Pelosi is losing her speakership after Biden’s “historic landslide”.

Understand the pressure the cabal is under.  They were caught in a massive crime.  They wanted to begin a transition immediately, but the White House blocked them.  They want security briefings, but they’ve been blocked.  They’re about to lose Pennsylvania, and those involved in colluding with foreign governments to rig the voting machines and election have been caught.

Don’t think so?  Look at THIS executive order from 2018, or this tweet from 2012:



The evidence, exposure of the incredibly insecure voting system, statistical impossibilities, court cases, and being denied by the White House has put the cabal under immense pressure.  This is not how they drew it up on the whiteboard.  They have to make a move, but what will it be?  Meanwhile, Trump is rightfully claiming victory, is making personnel changes and filling positions (with people the cabal does NOT want in place) for his second term.  Worst of all for them, he’s refusing to concede.

Newsflash: the winner doesn't concede.

The media can’t hold this cover too much longer.  There’s too many moving parts and their infrastructure has been significantly weakened over the past few years.

The pressure bears down on them exponentially as each day passes.  Participants in the coup attempt are certainly cracking and flipping.  Election officials and voting machine witnesses have been coming forward in droves, and if the coup attempt was the Titanic, it just went vertical.

Most people are programmed to perceive reality based on what the media and social media feed to them.  Many on team MAGA think it’s us against the clock, but that’s not true.  The pressure is on the enemy, not us.

Many think this is a legal battle, and our only shot depends on ruthless attorneys and courts.  I think that’s ridiculous and complete deception, and ultimately, I think the court cases are secondary, as their main purpose is to apply pressure on Biden and the enemy.

Some people think Giuliani shouldn’t be the point man to the public.  I think he’s the perfect guy, because he’s drawing all the attention over to the court cases, which again, aren’t what this is about.  He also drives the never-Trumpers insane, which I love.

It’s obvious to me what’s happening, but I understand it’s not to most people.  It was obvious that Mueller wasn’t taking Trump down.  It was obvious he (Trump) wasn’t getting kicked out of office over Ukraine.  It was obvious to me when he tested positive for COVID, he’d beat it.  At every turn that caused MAGA stress and worry, Trump was twenty steps ahead of the enemy, and emerged in spectacular GEOTUS fashion.

This is no different, and only more intense because our Republic is literally on the line, causing ordinarily logical and analytical people to panic.  Many Twitter legal pundits, good ones on our side who are fuming over Rudy, aren't getting it.

Their entire coup was dependent on a quick concession from Trump.  It’s not coming, so they have to figure out how to take the Oval Office.  That’s a point that needs to be repeated: THEY HAVE TO TAKE IT FROM US.

When the President had that presser to let everyone know this will be decided in a few weeks, I guarantee you the cabal completely freaked out.  They don’t have the luxury of time, and their illusion of victory continues to melt away daily.  Their entire plan is completely dependent on his quick concession.

For example, they had to intimidate Trump’s Pennsylvania lawyers to step down.  Thankfully, lawyers are like roaches; if you step on one, twenty take its place, and Trump has no shortage of them.  Does going after attorneys sound like a confident strategy?  Of course not.

Has Harris given up her Senate seat?  Does that project confidence?  If they don’t believe it, why should you?

It makes perfect sense to me that we run out the clock and push them against the deadline wall.  They will be more weakened, less confident, and more of their conspirators will have defected.  They will also be the most desperate and most primed to try something incredibly outrageous.

Don’t assume defeat for no reason.  Thankfully, I’m immune to media programming, so I can see all of this clearly and don’t submit to "we're losing" narratives.  Don’t let the attorney pundits make you believe this is all resting on the courts and that Rudy is “blowing it”.  An attorney’s world is law, so they think that’s what this is about because it's what they know.

People will panic and tell you it’s lost.  Don’t believe them.  Those people are accepting the enemy’s narrative that Trump is losing, or has lost.  It’s simply not true.

Let’s enjoy this time as we watch the enemy in its death throes while we reclaim our country.  Our election system is the foundation of our Republic, and this is what it’s all about.  This had to be done, as nervous as it may make you.

Personally I love it, but I like to steer into the chaos.  I've been in a few of those no-hope, looking into the abyss situations as know-it-all attorneys told me I was screwed, only to strategize and be victorious in the end.  I remember talking to these pit bulls of legal experts and thinking "wow, these guys are the best in the state and really don't get it".  That's what I see now with legal pundits in digital media.

I'm speaking generally, of course, as there are very smart and talented attorneys I read on Twitter, but for the most part, they're not.

Look at it this another way: WE are the overwhelming majority.  The elections proved this.  We’re not 55-45; we’re more like 85-15.  The radicals make up a small fraction.  President Trump has control of the military, and ultimately, at the last minute, he can round up the coup plotters.  If he did that, he'd have the OVERWHELMING support of the country.

Sound crazy?  Why?  Go back in time to 2011 and tell yourself about 2020.  How crazy would you sound to yourself?  In the end, the President can pull the trigger because if we lost this election, voting would officially be a thing of the past, and we'd need to get ready for Chinese rule.  Nobody would trust our elections ever again, especially after getting a peek behind the curtain.  Therefore, he’d be perfectly justified using extreme measures to save our country.  In fact, he'd have to.

Ignore these geniuses who say "2022 will be a red wave if they win!".  We already had a red wave on November 3rd.  No politician currently in office would have any fear of the people, as they'd control the election system.  Who cares about 80mm MAGA?  They didn't care about 71mm.

This isn't a legal battle.  If you’re a negative Nelly, just rest assured that the President has that nuclear option in his back pocket and can, and likely would, use it as a last resort.  I have to be honest, I would love for him to use it.


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