Ignore the crybabies. Justice is looming.

Posted by DC on Sat, 03/09/2019 - 21:07

While you were spending the last two years watching Hannity tell you how Mueller is on an elaborate witch hunt against Trump, and how Hillary Clinton and the Spygate conspirators are going to ride off into the sunset and drink Mojitos on some island, real work was getting done by professionals.

Before resigning, Jeff Session was indeed doing his job and flushing out leaks.  In order to carry out investigations, the professionals at the DOJ needed to tighten the ship so those under investigation wouldn't destroy evidence, tip off other conspirators, and do what criminals do when they know they're being watched and investigated.  This extremely difficult and monumental task that Sessions led is very much overlooked and under appreciated.

How many times have the Clintons been tipped off over the years?  Probably hundreds.  The media have been going bonkers without leaks.  Imagine how the criminals feel.  The assumption has been that since we're not hearing anything come out of the DOJ, then nothing is happening.  We've been kept in the dark, just like the bad guys.

Another critical piece of business has been the appointment of Federal district judges.  The crybabies don't understand that we need a lot of judges to preside over the incoming tsunami of indictments.  Even with thorough investigations, deep-state controlled judges would toss cases, rule mistrials if a "t" wasn't crossed, disallow evidence, and make it very difficult to put these criminals away.  While the crybabies were crying that nothing was happening because Hillary wasn't behind bars yet, the President has been appointing enough ethical judges to fill a small city.

The criminal network is global.  The crybabies seem to care only about Hillary, as if all our deep-state problems go away if she's locked up.  For the foreign conspirators, and domestic, a lot of construction has been happening at Guantanamo Bay.  What do you think the Trump administration has been building?  Hotels and resorts?

With this massive GITMO expansion for those who committed crimes against the country, along with the unprecedented number of judge appointments for criminal trials, and two years of careful, clean investigations, can you begin to appreciate what's coming?

Many of the crybabies will give me the common retorts: "I hope you're right", "I'll believe it when I see it", and my favorite "nothing's happening".  It amazes me that grown adults have no idea that normal, every day investigations can take a few years.

These adults also have no idea what's been happening with the biggest story in American history, which is even sadder.  How many of them can tell me who Stormy Daniels is, but have no idea who Admiral Mike Rogers is?

The leftist media, along with the crybabies, just now discovered the supposedly incompetent former Attorney General was ten steps ahead of everyone when he appointed John Huber to work in tandem with Inspector General Horowitz.  Those of us who actually follow what's happening knew this a year ago.

Huber is a prosecutor.  That means his job is to put people in jail.  Here's one of the investigations he's part of:

The letter, which American Oversight provided to The Daily Beast, is consistent with what the DOJ’s chief of legislative affairs has told Congress: that Huber is scrutinizing the sale of a Canadian uranium mining company with interests in the United States to Rosatom, a Russian state-owned company. Republicans have long alleged that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declined to oppose the deal because of contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Huber, with hundreds of prosecutors, is on the receiving end of the FISA abuse, Spygate, and others along with Uranium One.  These roads lead to Clinton and Obama.

For perspective, here's the fruits of the Mueller investigation:



Whatever you think about Mueller and Rosenstein, they'll likely end up being the good guys.  Rosenstein is the one who formally recommended the President fire James Comey, and took the investigation out of McCabe's hands and gave it to Mueller.  For more on this, Jeff Carlson's article "Nine Days In May" is a must-read if you have any interest in the sequence of events from the termination of Comey to the Mueller appointment.

Rosenstein has also refused to provide certain documents to Congress regarding the Spygate scandal, preserving the confidentiality of the ongoing investigations.  If Rosenstein's job was to take down President Trump, he's done a horrible job.

Can you believe it's been two years since this infamous tweet from President Trump?:



At that time, we were still figuring out President Trump.  He was in office for a little over a month and we didn't yet know how he operates.  None of us had any idea about Spygate, and his tweet seemed like it was off the cuff.

However, over the past year and a half, we learned he knew about the spying at least five months prior to the tweet when an American hero, Admiral Mike Rogers, flew to New York to secretly alert President-elect Trump that they were spying on him:

On November 17, 2016, Rogers traveled to meet President-Elect Trump in Trump Tower, New York. Director Rogers did not inform his boss – Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

On November 17, 2016, the Trump Transition Team announced they were moving all transition activity to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Once I learned of Admiral Rogers' trip, I knew with certainty that President Trump is steps ahead of everyone else and plays 4-D chess.  That tweet was a strategic move to push forward with a counterattack, and why I've had complete faith that justice is imminent.  Since that tweet, I've laughed off fake news attacks on Trump with no worries.

At the two year anniversary of the tweet, with months and months of crybabies crying about how nothing is happening, the most pessimistic of them all, Sean Hannity, dropped this monologue Friday night:



The Mueller probe is at the end, and he's about to submit his report to Attorney General Barr.  The leftist media aren't as optimistic as they used to be.  DAG Rosenstein is stepping down.  Last Thursday, John Huber met with the Attorney General.

The FISA docs still need to be declassified.  Horowitz still has more reports.  Testimonies are still dropping with conflicting stories.  We have so much good stuff coming, and will have so much material to use against the leftists.

Enjoy what's coming.  The wait will have been worth it.


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