If they don't have the ballots, they don't have the victory. They have no proof that Creepy won.

Posted by DC on Thu, 06/17/2021 - 15:20

Eric Greitens on Steve Bannon's show last week brilliantly distilled the state of the election down to an immovable point that should be shared by everyone when discussing the topic.  It flows, succinct for delivery, and sticks to the brain with ease:

"If they don't have the ballots, they don't have the victory."

Simple.  To the point.  Air-tight with no holes to poke.  There's no room to wiggle.

For those of you not in the weeds of the election audits and not as prepared as you should be when discussing the topic, this is like a baseball bat to use in a pillow fight if you get into a discussion over this topic.

They have no proof that Creepy won.  That's an indisputable fact, and don't let it slide.  If you have trouble navigating this topic with libtards, you can use this at any time.

For example, when you get "Trump lost, get over it", you can say "You can't prove that because you don't have the ballots".  If they say "...the election was certified and it's over!", then you simply say "How could they have certified it if they don't have the ballots?".

See how easy it is to play off this fact?  "I've seen no proof that the election was stolen"; you say "there's no proof that Biden won. You don't have the ballots".

In Arizona, they found about 25% of the boxes have the wrong number of ballots.  A handful of missing ballots is a big deal, so hundreds of thousands of missing ballots is beyond ridiculous and makes certification impossible.  In Georgia, about 15,000 ballots are missing in Fulton County alone.



These are facts.  They don't have the votes, therefore, they don't have the victory.  You can't just pretend to have the ballots; you have to actually have them.  It's that simple.  They can't prove that Creepy won.  Beat this horse to death.

The part where conservatives have been tricked and propagandized is believing "it's certified, so it's over!".  That is not true, and you shouldn't concede that lie.  Instead, you can easily and confidently say "if you don't have the ballots, you don't have the victory".

State representatives from all over have been visiting Arizona to learn about the process.  The security and transparency is beyond reproach, and the smart people in charge have done an excellent job with keeping everything air-tight.

Regarding Arizona, here's how it's looking:






See how stupid it is to suggest that Trump lost and this is all just a waste of time?

It's been continuously repeated by MAGA, but each day this becomes more relevant: once Arizona decertifies, all states will be in question.  The masses will then be forced to deal with the reality that the person pretending to be president is not.

Trump won, therefore, he's President.  It's really that simple, and don't allow yourself to accept otherwise.  For those worried that the media will be able to discredit the audits, one reason they're in a state of panic is they know it will be impossible to do so.  Bernie Kerik put out an article on NewsMax and addressed this point at the end:

The audit process being used in Arizona has accuracy, integrity, and accountability, and there’s no way to cheat because everything is captured on film.

Now that I’ve seen the process for myself, I finally understand why it has the Democrats so hot and bothered.

They know that if anything improper happened in the 2020 election, this audit will catch it – and they also know that they have no hope of refuting any improprieties this audit reveals.

It's true.  The people didn't listen to the media when they elected President trump in 2016, and 2020 when he most likely won all 50 states, so they're certainly not going to listen to them about the audits.

Trump won.  They need to cope.





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