One important point to think about regarding the Arizona audits exposing the election coup

Posted by DC on Fri, 04/30/2021 - 11:23

Let me first hit you with the punchline: the entire planet is about to be dosed with the reality that President Trump won the election in a massive landslide, and Americans will be facing the fact that Creepy is factually indeed not the President.

After it's accepted fact by the masses that Trump dominated the election results, the question will then be "what now?".

You and I know the election was a massive coup, as do most people who can generate enough cerebral firepower beyond what's required to maintain core breathing functionality, but the intellectually void in our society vehemently call it a "conspiracy theory".  Even they will be forced to deal with reality.

In Arizona, an audit is finally underway, and has been since last Friday.  You can tell because AntiFa-BLM is ramping up and attention has been on the Fentanyl Floyd trial, attempting to distract Americans by creating outrage at the verdict.

Don't fall for such distractions.  Nothing with respect to our country and Republic is more important than the elections.  From the nanosecond it's understood the people are back in control, our culture will immediately snap back to normalcy.

What happens after the people are back in control?  Criminals go to jail.  The global warming hoax goes away overnight.  Academia begins to expel the Marxist cancer that's made a joke of institutions trusted to actually educate.  AntiFa-BLM intimidation ceases and the participants go back to their parents' house and take that much-needed shower.  Our country goes back to normal like it was decades ago.

These audits are huge, as will be the upcoming "freight train" of audits.  It's why GOP rodents in Georgia are in a panic.  How about Wisconsin, where 97% of first-time no-ID ballots were fraudulent?  I believe all 50 states will undergo and audit, and it will be proven to the masses that Trump won all of them.

We got this far with Republicans fighting us tooth-and-nail.  What will it be like after the first audit is complete?  Radio stations will be forced to tell their idiot RINO talk show hosts to stop saying Creepy won the election because the pressure and heat from pissed-off listeners will be too great.  State Republican legislatures will feel whips cracking on their asses like they've never before felt.

These audits were never supposed to happen.  The coup was supposed to be wrapped up and put to bed.  Instead, President Trump has been in control this entire time, and the Marxist globalists who thought they'd be able to take over have been met with a sea of booby-traps preventing them from seizing control.

Here's an example: the Perkins Coie-connected Judge who took over for Judge Coury, who recused himself out of the clear blue, told the Democrats if they put up $1mm bond, he'd pause the audit.  They couldn't do it.

The deep state and Democrat Party couldn't put that cash together?  Really?  Why?  They're left to begging the DOJ to put a stop to it.  Does that sound like they're winning and in control?

Meanwhile, President Trump has officially taken over the GOP, and has the now-Cheney-lead GOP on its knees.  The GOP's fundraising is in the tank:

But instead of really listening to what Trump said at CPAC, the GOP establishment types responded the same way CNN did: either by derisively mocking the speech or calling it a threat to democracy. Plenty of establishment media covered the speech as the loud, angry whining of a sore loser. And then, when the first quarter’s fundraising results were announced, all Hell broke loose. The RINOs rubbed their eyes in shock as they looked at the numbers. It turns out that not only did the Conservative base hear Trump’s March 9 call for them to bypass the GOP and to send their money straight to him, but they also sent him enough to dominate the fundraising quarter by a wide margin.

By how much did Trump dominate the year’s first fundraising quarter now that he’s an outsider again? Trump’s Save America PAC raised a cool $23,000,000 more than the RNC and the DNC combined

And Trump didn’t put out that March 9 statement until the quarter was half over. Imagine the numbers Trump is going to pull in during the next quarter, at this rate. Understand what this means: Trump has diverted a tremendous amount of the stream of money coming from the base to the GOP.  That money is now going to Trump himself. Which, of course, gives Trump an immense amount of clout.

I wonder if this audit is happening because of the dirt and information the Trump team has on, well, everybody?  I am certain the election coup was allowed to happen, but in retrospect, was the confidence always high that we'd get here because of the goods gathered over the past four years?

My confidence continues to be sky-high, and the fact we're in the middle of these audits, with more on the way, is something you should take a moment to appreciate.  Those on the fence, or know the election was stolen but lack the confidence or knowledge  to debate or argue, will be able to point to legitimate audit results that say Trump won bigly.

Think about the people of whom you know, or have seen on social media that say "Biden won", or "Trump lost" and "is a sore loser".  Think of the clowns using the word "President" before Creepy, as if that is remotely believable.

All of them will have no choice but to acknowledge Trump is the President, and needs to be sworn back into office.  If they don't agree with that, then they admit it's OK to steal an election.  Do you see how they're in an impossible check-mate?

The automatic response from the drones on our side is "but... but.. but the media will say...".  You'd think by now they'd understand Trump won in a massive landslide while the media was against him.  Same in 2016.

A country can't allow the person the country overwhelmingly voted against be considered President instead of the person for whom the entire country overwhelmingly voted.  It doesn't work that way, and there are remedies.





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