Have you noticed that the campaign exposing the election coup is ramping up?

Posted by DC on Wed, 04/07/2021 - 20:40

NOTE: If you think Trump lost and there's "no evidence" of election theft, then you're probably too stupid to read the rest of this article.  Frankly, I'm shocked you were able to muster up the cerebral firepower to make it this far.

The never-Trump idiots, Lincoln Project types, and other intellectually stunted clowns with publish access at places like "National Review" who have trouble making it past "click on all the traffic lights" CAPTCHA challenges have spent the last few months doubling down on the lie that Trump lost fair and square.

They honestly believe that, for example, the GOP didn't lose a single state house on the heels of a "Biden blowout" that only took place in four localities synchronously in the middle of the night.

Actually, they don't believe it.  They're just liars who try their damnedest to exude an air of morality and intellect, when in reality, they've buried any semblance of credibility so deep that they have no choice but to ride it out because it's very hard to change grifts mid-stream.

Watching them watching their careers slip away has been and will be one of my joys in life.  But enough about those losers.

With Mike Lindell and GEOTUS launching their new platforms, election fraud evidence will finally have a medium for distribution.  There's three reasons why this will finally be possible:

  1. Security - the deep-state psychopaths with cyber skills will have a hard time breaking into a system built by actual professionals.
  2. Capacity - Lindell says his platform can handle 500mm members. Usability won't be an issue.
  3. Audience size - Trump. 'Nuff said.

There will be no way to contain the spread of evidence and information on platforms out of the control of the genderless Silicon Valley freaks.  The CCP-controlled media will have no choice but to cover it, even as they wrap it in fake news.

Have you noticed there's a lot of election-related news popping up as of late?  That's not a coincidence.  Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, and others with actual credibility who have been slandered by many on our "side" have been keeping their foot on the gas and not letting up.

I've had confidence this entire time that the Trump team has been holding the mountains of evidence that's been accumulating beyond the mountains of evidence already released.  The evidence we already know, as open-and-shut as it is to overturn the election now, is not as juicy as what's on the way.

In Arizona, Maricopa County Republicans continue to fight against an audit.  In Georgia, CCP-controlled rat Brad Raffensperger continues to protect his crimes.  The Michigan Secretary of State is on defense.

The battle to save our election system is like how a python kills its prey.  As it wraps around the rat, the rodent panics and expends a lot of energy to escape.  When it tires out, the python squeezes a little tighter, causing the rat to expend more energy.  Soon, its energy is completely spent, and unable to breathe.  This is what's happening now.

Over the past few months, the enemy, comprised mostly of Republicans, has been expending a lot of energy trying to cover up and distract from the election coup, but they can't keep it up long term.  As they think the lockdowns overtake's the election coup story, we make a move.

With President Trump leading the charge, we get stories like the Washington Post back-tracking and admitting they lied about Trump's phone call with the CCP-controlled rat, or we get Time Magazine exposing a shadow cabal to steal the election.

Back to Georgia, where over 400k ballots are missing with no chain of custody?  The CCP-controlled rats in the Governor's and Secretary of State's offices gave Creepy a 10k margin.  Biden couldn't be elected as a peach quality tester in Georgia.

We've known most of this, but these stories are coming back around and making their rounds in the digital cybersphere.  It's not a coincidence that it's timed with the Trump-fueled new social media platforms.

Election evidence + distribution medium + pissed off Americans = serious problems for the enemy.

I'll leave you with this excellent play-by-play of an interview with Chris Miller on some excellent nuggets on his Secretary of Defense role.  The interview was last month.  I'd embed his QV posts, but they block VPNs, so if you're blocked find a way to read it.  It's excellent and will give you some perspective.


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