Half of San Francisco residents are planning to flee their Marxist utopia

Posted by DC on Fri, 10/15/2021 - 00:48

Trish Regan posted a survey from San Francisco that says 56% of residents are planning to leave:

“It’s important to note these feelings go beyond the pandemic itself,” said Russel Hancock, President and CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the organization behind the poll.

“High percentages of us are concerned about wildfires, drought and political polarization. 71 percent feel that the quality of life in Silicon Valley has grown worse over the past five years. We’re split (48 to 52) on whether the Bay Area is headed in the right direction. On this basis, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that 56 percent of us are mulling plans to leave the region, a higher percentage than any previous polling we’ve seen. Even our tech workforce (53 percent) is wondering if the grass is greener someplace else.”

It seems sidewalks littered with poop, used needles, and deranged drug addicts is starting to lose its appeal.  I suppose one can only breath in so much urine-soaked air.  Stories of libtards being inflicted with their own policies is always bittersweet for us conservatives, because there's the initial laughter, but then the paralyzing realization sets in that they're leaving for OUR states!

On the executive summary, the pollster tried to offload the desire to flee on COVID:

“We’ve long been a high-stress region. Staggering housing prices, rising homelessness, a stark income divide and a host of sustainability challenges have had us on edge for some time,” Hancock said. “But when you toss a highly infectious disease into the mix you get a smothering amount of anxiety: 60 percent of respondents say their lives have become more stressful since the pandemic set in; 52 percent feel more isolated and alone, and 66 percent are genuinely worried about the future.”

Those of us living in rural red states laugh at this crap.  First, there's no pandemic.  In San Francisco, I'd be more nervous about stepping on some AIDS-ridden hypodermic needle than catching COVID.  Second, COVID hasn't affected me in any way beyond inconveniences from government-imposed mandates, like when I had to wear a mask when I'd get my hair cut.  Marxists are inherently anti-business and love government control, so why does it suck only when it affects them?  Their inability to identify and process their own hypocrisy is a testament to their atrophied intellect.

What's really happening is the people are being driven out so the property values fall, making it easier for CCP outfits to gobble up property.  San Francisco is ground-zero of proof as to how liberalism destroys everything it touches.  Solar, who's lived in Sacramento for ~70 years, which is outside of the Bay Area, wrote an article on how San Francisco was surrendered by the libertarians to the Marxists.

What scares me about these fleeing San Francisco residents is what they've lived with for years before deciding to leave.  Decriminalizing giving someone AIDS?  No biggie.  Legalization of crime?  Nah.  No water, despite the longest coastline in the country?  Yawn.  This terrifies me because these people are so deadened to a normal, law-abiding civilized culture where girls try to attract boys, and in turn, boys chase them.

I remember when I was little and my younger sister shoplifted a candy bar.  I thought my parents were going to send her to boarding school in Siberia.  She never did it again, but what about parents nowadays coming from a satanic culture like San Francisco?  What type of demonic spawn are they lugging to your town?  I envision children born to San Franciscans were conceived in test-tubes and gestated in incubators, and when they're finally switched to manual breathing, they have no soul, like Mark Zuckerberg.

I'm kidding, but I'm not.  To raise children, you need to have values and morals.  I'd say give them all vasectomies, but most of them adopt anyway, and raise their spawn with an aversion to discipline.

The point I wanted to make about how liberalism ruins everything used to pack a bigger punch, but now it's like punching a zombie in the face.  Like everything going on right now, the only way to wake people up is for them to experience it first hand.

A few months ago, when Target decided funding people to destroy businesses and politicians who decriminalize shoplifting was affecting their sales, they decided to leave San Francisco.  A Twitter account of a San Francisco resident named Michelle Tandler put out an interesting thread on Target's actions.  It's like her little brain was trying to cope with the reality of how insane her reality is, but couldn't quite leave her leftist programming.

The other day, Walgreens announced they're following suit and getting out of San Francisco, so I looked to see if Tandler posted, and she did.  She did another as well, and the comments were pretty funny.  There are indeed residents who want to take back the city.

I am glad she's at least trying to think.  Her tweets show signs of sanity.  I've always thought it's so adorable when you witness that light bulb go on in their little lib brains.

Moral of the story: build a wall around your city to keep out fleeing libtards.  Here's a link to the survey (PDF).

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