The Left Has Failed, Here's Why

Posted by Solar on Fri, 04/05/2019 - 16:37

Let me set the stage going back decades, when the left had complete control of the narrative via the medias 6:00 O'clock evening News.

They were able to slowly advance their agenda by focusing on social changes, whether these were real or imagined, if they thought they could push their move leftward, they would focus on a given issue and force the public to view it in a perspective that it is growing and there is no way to stop it, as evidenced by the Marxist hippy movement in the Bay Area during the early 60s.

Don't ask for proof, I saw it firsthand, and this also goes for the so called Gay Movement started by a know Marxist, Harry Hay.

The Bay Area was a great target because San Franciscans were the epitome Libertarian society, 'Do as you like, as long as it doesn't negatively effect me', so all lifestyles were accepted, 'Live and let Live'.

The Bay Area is Proof that Libertarianism is doomed to failure wherever it is applied, because human nature will always seek the path of least resistance and the Marxists took advantage of the good people of San Francisco and destroyed it. Look North to Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington, again, used to be great Libertarian societies, now, leftist Hell holes.

Thing is, these were not issues effecting anyone with the exception of a tiny percentage of people in the US, and fact is, they didn't care either, they just wanted to be left alone. But Marxists Hell bent on destroying the Fabric of American life, saw an opportunity to make the movement appear real, despite the pleas from the gay community to back off and not shine a light on their private lifestyle.

I personally watched the Marxists introduce drugs into the hippy lifestyle, another agenda the left pushes today, legalizing Marijuana. They will never stop until they completely destroy Western culture.

Take energy and healthcare, both of these were far cheaper until the left focused on them. Again, just do a quick search if you aren't old enough to have experienced the cost increases, you will be shocked.

Which brings us to the hoax of Global Warming. The left needed a driver to push their agenda, they needed a crisis, so they created one, despite the fact that it has yet to be proven science, only consensus by a group hired by a Marxist entity, again, Hell bent on destroying America's ability to produce. (UN)

I digress, back to the gay issue.

So looking at this in hindsight, the leftist media managed to create an issue that didn't exist, they created victims that didn't see themselves as victims, glorified incidents of hate as if it was at an epidemic stage. See a pattern here?

This article isn't about any one particular movement, this is about how they've gone about getting the public to focus on any given issue.

This is how the left has worked for decades. But I'll spare you with a lengthy article full of evidence because most reading this have seen it firsthand.

Back to the point. The left, had they simply been patient, they would have seen a socialist state in the US by 2040 and there would have been no turning back. But what perplexed me was pushing a Marxist into the Presidency, an unknown, but a known socialist within the Marxist movement, which is why the media never vetted Obama, and neither did the Dim party publicly, because they knew Americans would never accept a Fabian-socialist/Marxist.

So, in wondering why they needed to fast-forward their leftist agenda puzzled the Heck out of me, they had us right where they wanted us.

Then it dawned on me, their think tanks told them they needed to hurry up and destroy the culture/country, because they saw the internet as a threat, again, as evidenced by their need to seize it for themselves, (Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter) to name a few censoring the Conservative voice, but despite their attempts to kill us off, they failed and this is why they're in a panic, they are freaking out over the fact that there are people out their exposing who and what they are, people like you and me setting up sites like this one, giving Conservatives a soapbox from which we can speak out against them.

So now they've moved to the next step in destroying America, they're removing any mention of God when taking the oath of office. Our Constitution was based on the Law of Nature and Gods Law, they need to remove God, so they can kill our Constitution, as evidenced by their push to remove the Electoral College.

Point is, the left has lost and and party leadership is nearly nonexistent as evidenced by the way loose cannons have moved into overdrive to do as much damage as possible to American culture, they truly hate America.

Party leadership is divided over whether to try and take it slow and back off a bit and risk angering their new base, or let the new blood force a full blown Marxist movement, certain to damn the party into oblivion.

The Dim party is now divided into three separate factions, Moderates, Socialists and full blown Marxist Communists, so no matter who they choose to run in 2020,, two thirds of the party will do a protest vote for their chosen leftist.

One other point, when I say leftists, I include GOP leadership. Yes, the left infiltrated the GOP back in the late 50s and early 60s.

The GOP was always about commerce, capitalism, their main focus was protecting business interests, they never really cared one way or the other about American culture. But you already knew that, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, they left the cultural issue up to the American people.

But as time passed they took a left turn, and thanks to Trump, these leftists are scared to death, because they know the base is rallied around Trump and not the RINO they chose, be it Jeb or Mitten, the base has had it with the leftists running the party, and we're taking it over and they know it.

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