GETTR is an unsecure joke that's not even funny. Shame on Jason Miller

Posted by DC on Fri, 07/02/2021 - 14:11


I hope Jason Miller's position as head of the platform was contingent on the President joining so he'll be out on his ass.  I've given him the benefit of the doubt in the past, but he really outed himself as a grifter with GETTR.

I checked out GETTR today (I did not join), and it's a piece of crap.  It has a better UI than Gab, and it's light years ahead of Parler, but that's not saying much.

GETTR is running on the signature stack of any grifter platform: AWS behind CloudFlare with Google Analytics tracking.

"Independence from big tech"?  Jason Miller is a liar.

Answer me this: how f*n stupid do you have to be, as conservatives are being deplatformed in droves and doxxed by the enemy, to build a system on AWS?  Miller clearly isn't smart enough to be in Trump's circle and I can see why he's no longer there.

Why do these grifters insist on building crappy platforms?  Why do these people not consult with someone like, say, myself?  I would advise them for free. (yes, I'm serious).

First, Miller has never run a business or done anything technical beyond plugging in his iPhone.  His bio is another story of the typical academia-to-politics pipeline, where he's learned no skill or acquired any scars from any meaningful business experience.

Should you not know business, and maybe some tech, if you're going to run a tech business?

They need to fire Miller yesterday.  He's already doomed the company.  Then they need to fire the tech lead for building such a piece of crap.

What I think happened is he knew he was about to be bounced from Trump's circle, so he lined up project for a safe landing, and probably let them believe he could bring Trump onboard.

Anyway, the platform is a joke.  Here's an example: when you build something that targets MAGA, it needs to be secure.  At a minimum, set your security headers.  At a minimum, this would show you at least care about doing the bare minimum to protect your users.

Here's a scan of their security headers:


Security Headers‚Äč


Those should be all green.  This proves they don't care about pretending to care about security.  These are not serious people, and they simply want to score as much user data as they can.  For example, users are already complaining about not being able to delete their accounts.

It's bad enough they're not serious about security (I'm sure they're not as bad as Gab) but these geniuses thought it would be no biggie to host MAGA user data on Amazon's platform.  Jason Miller didn't think to say "hey, aren't those the same guys that deplatformed Parler?".

Instead, Miller is actually telling people they won't be canceled for political beliefs.  I don't know how many times this needs to be said, but that's not up to them; it's up to Amazon.

It's also up to CloudFlare, who I believe is waiting for the call to pull the plug on a lot of conservative sites.  These grifter platforms don't have the technical expertise to survive without a Silicon Valley edge provider, so CloudFlare has them by the nads.

I despise grifters dangling the possibility of Trump joining their platform in front of people who don't know any better for the purpose of reaping their data.  GETTR is literally Parler 2.0.

Another genius implementation is using Google for analytics.  Why are they handing MAGA user data over to Google?


Google Analytics


If you have a social media platform that's going to house MAGA data, you have to build your own infrastructure.  Period.  No Amazon, no GoDaddy, no

If you don't have the expertise or funding to start such a venture, then just don't do it.  We have the MSM who's primary function is to doxx people, an out of control FBI and DOJ who have no problems kicking down doors of innocent people, and just bad people trying to intimidate us.

Why hand our information over to them?  Jason, stop this.  Now.

Even beyond the grift, the functionality is lacking.  GETTR, like Gab, doesn't even have the ability to embed posts.  If you don't have post embedding functionality, you're not serious enough of a platform to support Trump and his base.

There's a lot more I could tear up about this site, but I'll leave it at that.

Stop the grift.



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