Forrest Knight's walk-through on leaked Microsoft "Halloween documents" strategizing to destroy Linux

Posted by DC on Sat, 04/10/2021 - 06:26

I remember the Halloween documents leaked from Microsoft in the late 1990s that exposed clear panic and concern over the open-source movement and Linux.  Forrest Knight did an excellent walk-through of the documents, and it took me back to those days when Linux hit the scene, and everyone in my industry was going crazy over it.

I didn't appreciate it in my youth, but in today's society, open source is integral to freedom.  Back then, for me, it wasn't an issue because no company could control me, or what I thought.  No company could prevent me from communicating, and certainly couldn't prevent me from using products and services.

Now, in the near future, I likely won't be able to fly because I won't get the vaccine.  I refuse it because open source technology enabled the dissemination of information, and my consumption of it, allowing me to not be fooled like a mindless libtard drone.

If Microsoft had any brains, they would have dumped that virus magnet of a browser and released an MS distribution of Linux and stayed a software company.  They've never really had any smarts or understanding of technology.

Yes, I said Microsoft didn't understand technology.

Proof?  Check out genius Steve Ballmer's predictions on the iPhone.  You, me, and everyone knew the iPhone was a game changer.  That idiot was Microsoft CEO material.  However, if you want to see a REAL clueless lunatic's rambling, check out Bill Gates; not 2020s Bill Gates, but 1976 Bill Gates' letter to Homebrew (below at the end of this article).

Like any government-controlled business, nothing terrifies them more than competition.  In a free market, companies like Microsoft get slaughtered by us little guys.  It's why such companies advocate for laws and regulations that strangles their small business competition in the crib.

This is why I enjoyed Forrest Knight's video.  Microsoft's leaked documents proved how exponentially lame they are, and how terrified they were (and still are) of competition.

Here's his video on these Halloween documents:



(note to Forrest Knight if he sees this: sorry for ripping this and uploading to BitChute bro, but I can't link to YT because I can't support Pedo Alto - start also posting videos to Rumble or BitChute or some other place for those of us who don't want to support the CCP)

Open source technology has proven to be one of the last lines of defense against straight-up tyranny.  You're reading this right now because of an Apache web server, and a MySQL database, written on a Drupal CMF in PHP, all running on a Linux server, and all built directly or indirectly with a GNU C compiler.  If not for open source and if everything was proprietary, no way we'd be able to post articles like this.

Below is a great documentary on the origins of open source "Revolution OS".  Eric Raymond, whom Knight references in his video, makes a cameo, as does Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds.

I wish there was far more reverence for the founding fathers of open source.  It would be over the top to say they're as important to freedom as the founders of our country were, but I think they're in the same mold.  For the preservation of our liberties in modern day, I think they've had profound influence.

For fellow lovers of liberty, Eric Raymond is a great follow.  If you're looking for someone brilliant and experienced hardline proponent of freedom, you'll love Raymond.



Gates' Homebrew letter


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