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Posted by DC on Mon, 03/15/2021 - 16:30

There's a lot going on and things are in a flux.  The Marxists continue to try and commit suicide while Republicans continue to rush and save them from their self-inflicted demise.  The heads of our military are calling out citizens, and the GOP continues to beclown itself.

In the midst of the Republican-fueled crazy, we need to hold firm to a few points and not let up.  Remember, Republicans allowed and secured the stolen election. 

First and foremost, the election was the biggest coup in history and Trump won in a landslide.  Under no circumstance can we let our foot off the gas with that point.  Continue to drive it home, and always make sure to use it to put a bow at the end of any political conversation.

The machines are controlled by foreign adversaries, and in no universe did Creepy win.  The Republicans are praying that our intensity and anger dissipates.  Don't let it.

Beware of Operation Choke-point on steroids.  I wrote about something related when David Hogg was looking to launch his CryPillow project, and I think it's close to the mark.

Banks are in the process of closing accounts of conservative customers.  It's really happening.  Check out Andrew Torba's story, or one I just read about yesterday.  Ordinarily this would not be an issue because we could just take our money and business elsewhere, but that's not the case here.  Any bank who stands firm by taking on a customer who's been blacklisted will be destroyed.

Businesses need a bank account.  No bank account, no business.  It's that simple.

The squeeze from the other side involves the use of the COVID hoax.  We're getting to a point where a person can't engage in commerce if they don't submit to taking the vaccine.  That has been happening in China with their "social credit score", and it's now here.

I'm highlighting these points for awareness.  I actually look at these as good things in a way because it shows desperation.  The Marxists are making their move faster because they believe time is not on their side.  A few shoes on the centipede have yet to drop, like Durham's investigation, and I'm more confident that we're making in-roads into reclaiming our elections.  I'll make the case as to why I believe that in the near future.

Let me leave you with a few points:

  • The current situation has nothing to do with Creepy.  Republicans want you to be scared of a Biden boogeyman, and how they're "standing up" to him.  You're not that stupid.  The stolen election is the third-rail of D.C., especially for Republicans.  Make them squirm and uncomfortable.
  • There's a battle between the Hussein and Clinton camps, with some overlap.  Keep an eye on that.
  • I've been head-down on projects lately, so it's possible I've missed it, but has Biden yet flown on a plane that's been designated Air Force One?  If not, don't we find that odd?
  • Cyrus Vance resigned.  He was supposed to bring down Trump in New York.  I wonder what happened?
  • Don't spend time on Cuomo.  That's another squirrel to distract you.  We're also operating under Kavanaugh rules, so I don't feel sorry for any of those girls as they slandered Kavanaugh.  As for Democrats pretending to care about sexual harassment, that's pretty funny.  From Bill Clinton, to Ted Kennedy, to Bob Menendez, from Al Franken to Elliot Spitzer, from Eric Schneiderman to Mike Bloomberg, Democrats are the scum of the Earth with whom you'd never want to leave your daughter.  At this point, if they're of age, then who cares.
  • Keep an eye on the GOP.  They think they no longer have to worry about voters because they stole the election, but some of them seem to be realizing they were allowed to steal it.  President Trump continues to assert himself as the leader of the GOP, and it's driving the never-Trump clowns bonkers.

Take note of the little battles that are being won to lay the groundwork for winning the war.  It's easy to be manipulated into thinking things are dire, but they're not.  From the Capitol Building lie to the lie about President Trump on the call with the Georgia Secretary of State, we're still advancing.

I'll leave you with a great point from Andrew Claven:







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