What is the purpose behind David Hogg's CryPillow?

Posted by DC on Thu, 02/04/2021 - 20:15

That may not be the name of Hogg's new product, but that's the function it would serve.  Leftists everywhere will be able to cry themselves to sleep, or scream to the top of their lungs into a leftist-made pillow.

It's a myth that leftists hate capitalism.  On the contrary, nobody loves capitalism more than leftists; it's just that they only love it for themselves.  Watching leftists attempt to beat Lindell in his market will be fun to watch.

Where will these pillows be manufactured?  Will these pillows be made in China, or in Hogg's current state of residence, wherever that may be?

Of course, there must be a union.  Being in Minnesota, Lindell's operation is unionized (I'd assume).  Will Hogg set up shop in a forced union state, or will he gain an advantage by manufacturing his product in a right-to-work state, like Florida?

To ask another way, will Hogg opt for a state that doesn't mandate progressive labor policies, or will it be in a conservative-run, business-friendly right-to-work state?  Where they stand up their manufacturing facility will be telling.

So, what is this about?  I can tell you exactly where this is going; it's about intimidation and the communists taking over commerce.

Bed Bath and Beyond already dumped MyPillow, as did a few other retailers.  As sure as I'm typing this, they will carry Hogg's product, regardless of quality or price. BBB will simply swap Lindell's shelf space with Hogg.

I'm certain economics won't be an issue for Hogg.  I'm sure some China-linked venture will place big orders, and non-political people will simply see a pillow at BBB and purchase.  While Lindell has to sell and market pillows to consumers, Hogg won't have to worry about that.  To put another way, his competition won't be allowed to compete in retail stores.

This is the message to manufacturers: "our communist-controlled retailers will dump your products, and we'll only accept products manufactured by leftists we approve".

You might say "no problem, we'll just keep buying them online".  Not for long.  Payment processors are continuously dropping conservatives, and all of them will drop MyPillow in the not-to-distant future.  The only way to purchase MyPillow will be via crypto or money order.

This is Operation Choke-point 2.0.  The consumer, like the American voter, has no relevance.  Hogg can make the crappiest product on the market and it won't matter.  The communist-controlled cabal will ensure he does just fine until they eventually toss him to the curb.

This is where I "circle back" to a point I drill daily: we must get control of our election system so we can elect our leaders. Otherwise, we won't have a government that won't allow payment processors to discriminate against businesses, or prevent conservative-friendly financial institutions from sprouting-up.

I say this is the first shot across the bow by the communists because of how the story has gone viral today.  That was no accident.  I never link to Google search results, but to make this point, HERE are the results simply for "MyPillow" under news.

For you business folks, how sweet would it be to get Google to have your venture drown out the name of the brand against whom you're competing?  It's almost as if something bigger is at play.

Ultimately, I think we win this battle, because unlike communists and politicians, we're smarter.  We'll take back our election system, which will force the politicians to care about us once again.

In conclusion, this isn't about Hogg competing against Lindell in a apples-to-apples, straight up challenge of competition.  The thought of that is laughable.  This is about the communists taking over commerce in an overt way, starting with pillows.


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