Data points and highlights from President Trump at the Opportunity Now Summit

Posted by DC on Fri, 02/07/2020 - 15:11

The President spoke in North Carolina at the Opportunity Now Summit to discuss the success of opportunity zones.  These are some data points and highlights plucked from his speech:

  • 225k new jobs last month
  • unemployment claims in NC down 30% since election
  • got rid of Johnson Amendment
  • spoke with Xi about virus
  • signed USMCA
  • Japan deal - $40B
  • re-negotiated South Korea deal (a failed Hillary deal)
  • 7mm new jobs since election
  • 220k new jobs in NC
  • new biz applications in NC surged 30%
  • most new hires are minorities and women
  • unemployment lowest in 50 years
  • black poverty lowest ever recorded
  • unemployment for workers without a high school diploma lowest in history
  • 16% wage increase for low income workers since election
  • net worth for bottom half of wage earners has increased 47% (3 times the increase of the top 1%)
  • median household income reached the highest level ever recorded; Bush in eight years ($450), Obama in eight years ($975) Trump in three years ($10,000)
  • tax cuts created nearly 9,000 opportunity zones… 250 in NC
  • long term investment taxed at 0%
  • first time in 51 years prescription drug prices went down
  • criminal justice reform law providing opportunity ex-prisoners
  • talked about Superbowl ad decision between military ad vs Alice Johnson
  • encourage businesses to expand second-chance hiring practices
  • to help inmates find housing and jobs, forming Council on Crime Prevention and Re-Entry
  • ...appointing Pastor Tony Louden as Executive Director  (powerful speaker… definite future in politics)
  • asked Congress to support his plan to offer technical and vocational education at every high school
  • talked about benefits of vocational school system
  • touched on Ivanka’s jobs training initiative… she lined up training commitments for 15mm jobs (goal was 500k)
  • improved on Democrat Iowa fiasco…  can’t count votes but want to control health care
  • touched on Van Jones working for criminal justice reform bill, thanked everyone but Trump
  • long term funding for black colleges (instead of coming back begging every year)
  • ...talked about sleazy consultants/lobbyists getting a cut




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