Canada, you guys are a hot mess. The USMCA politics get interesting now.

Posted by DC on Tue, 10/22/2019 - 05:00

Canada, I can’t really make fun of you too much because we had the same situation in 2012 when the United States re-elected Hussein Obama.  Your clown is not all that much different than our clown was at that time, but your clown currently has an effect on our USMCA trade deal, but not as much as I thought a few weeks ago.

The hammer is about to come down here in the United States on the D.C. swamp, forcing USMCA to take a back seat.  Also, Mexico is having a little cartel issue right now.

The numbers are still coming in but it looks like the Conservative Party may have won the popular vote, but couldn’t carry enough seats for a majority.  The Liberal Party lost seats, but they seem to have won enough to not need a coalition with the NDP.  Trudeau gets to keep the corruption under wraps for a while longer.

From what I gather in Canada, it seems there’s a lot of disappointment with Scheer, sort of like what we had with Romney in 2012.  Trudeau, like Hussein, was ripe for a loss.  However, I’m thrilled Romney lost because another four years of Hussein scared the bejeesus out of everyone, so maybe you guys need a few more years of rainbow socks and eyebrows falling everywhere, and enough time to run a better candidate.  Trudeau, like Hussein, has a treasure trove of scandals, so there are some parallels.  Regardless, the reason we care about Trudeau is how he’s involved with passing the USMCA deal.

The prevailing thought seems to be the USMCA is dead, at least for now, and that makes sense.  Trudeau survived, hates Trump, is a globalist puppet, so there’s no incentive to do a deal.  On top of that, Trudeau clearly has no constituency.  Canada doesn’t seem to care about the economy, so why would he care about the USMCA.  It actually would be a swipe against Hussein who endorsed him at the last minute.  It matters not that 75% of Canada's exports are to the United States.

Trudeau aside, the USMCA is stalled because there’s two major lingering issues in the United States.  The hammer of justice is about to drop, bringing about indictments for DOJ officials and people in Congress.  The corruption is deep and a lot of politicians and their minions are about to be rolled up and therefore preoccupied from passing USMCA.  The other issue is BREXT, which plays into the strategy of USMCA.  I’m under the assumption that BREXIT happens in the next few weeks and the British economy is liberated.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that Pelosi is trying to hold up the USMCA to hurt Trump for 2020.  While it's stalled, I think she’s trying to use it for some leverage with the IG report, the DOJ, and other oncoming semi trucks about to hit them head on.  There’s been a lot of indictments that have been happening if you’re paying attention; not just in the United States, but everywhere.  These include arrests in the financial sector, pedophile arrests (Epstein-D.C. connections), and now major coup conspirators are lawyering up.  The train has left the station and D.C. is braced for impact.

Once BREXIT happens, the remaining EU members will need to go through Britain.  President Trump will likely allow some products through, like Italian wine, but the route from Europe to the United States will go through Britain.  Britain will need to push Canada to do a USMCA deal, or they’ll just go through Mexico and the United States, leaving Canada out in the cold.

Mexico is earning their relationship with us.  Their military, or as I call them “the second wall”, is stopping the flow originating at south Mexico destined for the United States.  They deserve a relationship with the United States and have been upholding their commitment to handle the flow of migrants.  However, there’s a major issue with the cartel that’s happening now.


I’m curious how they (the cartel) are armed with American military weapons?  Ultimately Mexico needs to get this under control because an unstable country is not good for business.  We don't need to do a trade deal with a country that's under control of a drug cartel.

I thought the USMCA deal was going to happen around BREXIT, but I certainly couldn’t foresee the insane impeachment show that’s tying up Congress, or how fast the Barr and Durham tag-team crime fighting duo would progress, timed with Trudeau’s win.

I’m not taking the impeachment talk itself seriously, but I am taking the D.C. panic of what Barr and Durham are bringing home seriously.  Nobody cares about the USMCA while their schemes and corruption are getting overturned and exposed, and people worry about going to jail.



Therefore, with the D.C. panic, and with Trudeau staying as Prime Minister, I think when the United States is ready to pass a deal, it's with Mexico and kicks Canada to the curb.

It’s not time for the USMCA, or as I think it will be, the USMA.  Maybe it sits until 2020, but we don’t have to have it right now; we can be patient.  Our economy is the best in the world and even with a global slowdown, we’re full steam ahead.  Our biggest economic problem is we don’t have enough workers to fill available positions.

Wrapping it up with Canada, I think the next few years are going to be bad economically for you, especially while you do things like make stupid deals with China.  So they take Canadian visitors hostage and put them in prison, and in return, you give them construction deals?  I guess that’s the type of leadership Canada likes.  The conservative Canadian media I saw cared more about blackface than Trudeau's corruption.  Nobody cares about blackface, but maybe that's a big deal in Canada -- or apparently not, because Trudeau is still Prime Minister.

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