Are there any Democrat candidates with any pro-American positions?

Posted by DC on Wed, 10/16/2019 - 12:30

I didn’t watch the clown show last night, but I watched a bunch of the clips for the comedy.  Since the candidates started to campaign I’ve been scanning for any semblance of patriotism or any issue that can resonate with normal Americans.  I have yet to find a single issue that is pro-American.  Not even one.

How anti-American is the Democrat party?  Marxist radical Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the unanimous winner from last night.

Last year Ami Horowitz did a man-on-the-street interview to ask random participants to listen to a party position and guess if it’s from the Democrat Party platform or the Communist Manifesto.  The video highlights how communists took over the Democrat party.



The Chinese communists own the Democrat candidates.  For example, what does China think about Trump’s strength on trade?  Let’s ask China’s spokespeople:



Gabbard got kudos for taking CNN to task for trying to put baby in a corner.  If Gabbard really wanted to nuke CNN, after she went on a rant about how war-monger Trump should have kept American troops in Syria to protect the communist Kurds, she should have brought up Hong Kong and supported their freedom and watch the frantic scrambling ensue.

You don’t think Trump is going to use Hong Kong against his opponent?  I can’t wait for Trump to be on the world stage against Bloomberg.  Yes, Michael Bloomberg, the guy who pushed for a ban on large soda drinks before it was slapped down by the New York Court of Appeals.

I’ve said it’s going to be Bloomberg for a few years.  I thought I was wrong when he declined to run, but as we get closer to China pulling the Plugs, Bloomberg is ready to assume the top position at the head of the pack of clowns.  Of course I could be wrong about him running, but his loyalty to China is unmatched.  How loyal?  Watch this clip from Margaret Hoover’s interview:



Amazing, isn’t it?  The Democrat party is officially the anti-American party and won't even breath a word about communist China.  In the 1990s you would seem over the top if you called them baby-killing (China) gun-grabbing (China) open-borders (China) socialists.  Now they’re calling each other “capitalists” to land punches (China).  China’s goal is to weaken the United States, which is the Democrat platform.

It’s really sad to see the communists take over the Democrat party.  Republicans need some party competition with someone like a John Kennedy, but no way the current Democrat party allows a patriot to run.  It’s a party now with Trump in office, but when he’s gone we’re going to need a choice between two pro-American parties.

Joe McCarthy was right.  Now we have candidates pushing universal basic income, pushing a global warming scam designed to kill capitalism, and looking to ban anything that moves.  There’s no candidate pushing for individual liberty, freedom, free markets, and small government.  In fact, as I type this, it feels funny to think of a Democrat supporting such ideas.

There’s no pro-American Democrats running for president, and that’s good for us Trump supporters in 2020, but in the long run, it’s bad for the country.  I hope the Democrat party someday becomes a party for Americans.


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