Youngkin wins BIG! McAuliffe will be the next Governor.

Posted by DC on Tue, 11/02/2021 - 22:51

UPDATE: Tiki Terry concedes... forget everything I said below...

Chalk this up under something I'd love to be wrong about, and will gladly admit I'm wrong, but here's the timeline:

  • Youngkin holds big crowds, McCauliffe can't pack a grocery store parking lot
  • Early challenges dismissed by judges for "lack of standing"
  • GOP sweeps and returns show Youngkin running away in obvious route
  • MSM spends night in disbelief, talks about Dems need a wakeup call
  • Most populous county says need to recount and to check back tomorrow       <--- YOU ARE HERE
  • Most populous county magically cranks out enough votes to overcome margin
  • Race called for McCauliffe
  • Challenges dismissed by judges for "lack of standing"
  • GOP concedes and says "we'll get 'em in 2022"
  • GOP calls MAGA "conspiracy theorists" and elections are safe and secure
  • MAGA runs around on social media saying how we need to vote in 2022 for GOP who laughed at us and called us conspiracy theorists, otherwise we're not patriots

Again, love to be wrong, but even if I am and the deep-state decision was made to ditch McCauliffe, we have a deep-state Youngkin as VA Governor, who certainly would have been better than McAuliffe and probably would have been a good governor,  given to us in the primaries by the same controlled election system.

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