You absolutely MUST install the Brave browser

Posted by DC on Sat, 05/14/2016 - 20:18

I remember when Mozilla fired Brendan Eich for being a normal human being, I was sort of bummed that I was going to stop browsing with Firefox.  I'm not really the organized boycotting type, but I am someone who simply refuses to participate in idiocy.

If some anti-American Hollywood liberal wants to fight against a normal civilization, then I just stop watching their movies and buying their music.  If a coffee establishment tells their baristas to engage with me about race when I'm trying to get my morning triple venti soy latte, then I go elsewhere.  If one of my favorite conservative-leaning talk show hosts starts supporting a liberal for President, then I turn the dial.

It's not that I keep a list, but if it's seared into my brain deep enough, then I certainly alter my habits as a consumer of products, services, and content.  Conversely, if someone is under attack by Marxists, then I tend to overly support them, like the Chick-Fil-A scenario, where I was stuffing my face with spicy chicken sandwiches several times per week for months.  Thank goodness that died down.

I knew whatever Eich ended up doing, if it was a product or service, I was going to be a customer.  I have no idea what Eich's politics are, but I know he is someone worth supporting.

He launched a new web browser product called Brave, and it's great.  They're doing some really cool stuff with browsing security, how ads are managed, and blocking malware to make things much faster.  I think they really hit a home run.

I'm not really much of a browser critic.  I've been using a gutted version of Chrome called Iron, and that was really fast, but I think there is a language barrier with the developers.  We couldn't get answers to a few questions we had, or they just ignored us, but it's a very solid browser and I've been using it since I dumped Mozilla, so I was looking forward to trying Brave.

If you read a lot of sites like I do, then you may tend to avoid certain sites that are just too slow and unusable from the insane amount of malware, like  Brave makes all those issues go away and keeps you nice and safe.  It's what I hoped it would be.

As Mozilla continues its decline, I really hope Brave takes off and gains a nice chunk of market share.

UPDATE: If you're looking for a true, non-tracking search engine that doesn't discriminate against conservative content, you will love Yippy.

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