Woke horror - presumed female author of popular women's crime thriller revealed to be three men

Posted by DC on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 21:01

I always avoid woke stories about social justice because it's such an intellectually unstimulating topic and low-hanging fruit, but when it's this funny, I have to post.

Obviously I know absolutely nothing about these popular Spanish feminist crime novels, but I learned that they're penned under the name "Carmen Mola", an anonymous writer presumed to be a woman.

Imagine the horror when it was revealed that the author is in fact a team of three men.  Three crusty old men, who probably sit man-spread while watching their soccer matches (this happened in Spain) as some young waitress serves them beer.

A popular Spanish novelist made headlines today—and she is not what she seems.

Famous crime thriller author Carmen Mola recently won a literary award for $1.2 million, but when "she" went on stage to claim the award, "her" fans, as well as King Felipe VI of Spain himself, were absolutely stunned at what they saw.

As it turned out, "Carmen Mola," was actually three men.

Agustín Martínez, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero, three Spanish television screenwriters, went up on stage at the Planeta award show to claim the $1.2 million prize awarded to Carmen Mola.

In doing so, the men subsequently came clean to fans—and the King of Spain—their beloved female author did not actually exist.

I can hear the screeching from here.

Oh, I do love stories like this, when it's revealed that the man is actually better at the task.  This is almost as funny as that time that those 14-year old boys trounced Megan Rapinoe and her anti-American team in soccer scrimmages.

Sports is one thing, but these are intellectual pursuits, which exponentially amplifies the funny.  In the comments, some of the wokesters play the "it takes three men to equal a women" card, but no matter how you slice it, the feminists have been enjoying crime stories from the minds of men.

I could care less, of course, as women are just as capable as men of writing, even with their smaller brains, but the reactions are always delicious.


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