Why you can be confident of Lindell's cyber symposium

Posted by DC on Fri, 08/06/2021 - 16:18

It's funny when I see people in MAGA worried about the evidence being "real".  I hope I can alleviate some of these fears.  Steve "we're not machine guys" Bannon (which is such a stupid thing to say, but whatever) seems to have concerns:



Packet data is packet data.  100% of the cyber pros will look at that data and say they're packet captures.  Lindell's cyber team would have told him otherwise long ago.  We wouldn't have been this far along if there was even a tiny bit of doubt.

The qualifying question will be from where was the data intercepted, and by whom.  That's where I think this event will be like an asteroid leaving a crater in the deep state.

Lindell and his cyber team knows where the data was captured, and who did it.  Why do you think he's so confident?  You think he's putting this huge event together and putting $5mm on the line just because a few anonymous strangers are telling him he has real data?

The asteroid will be who collected the data, and where.

NSA?  Space Force?  Military Intelligence?  Who knows, but it's not going to be a source that can be dismissed or trivialized.  That's why you don't have to worry about the event.  (My money is on Space Force for what it's worth).

To put another way, for Lindell's cyber team to verify the data, they need to know from where it came.

One more point, do you think for one moment that General Flynn wouldn't have sniffed this out and stopped Lindell from moving forward if there was any chance this was a setup?  Really contemplate that for a moment.

Even if you don't have confidence in Lindell, do you have confidence in General Flynn and his intelligence experience?  Do you think President Trump wouldn't have talked to Lindell if there was even a remote possibility he's being played?

In my opinion, I don't think the CCP had much to do with the cyber attack beyond providing the proxies for the traitorous Americans and Five Eyes allies.

I think we're going to learn that whoever intercepted the data, they were sitting on both sides of the proxies and know exactly who was involved; I'm talking gaining access to their computers, flipping on their cameras and microphones, recording keystrokes, reading emails and communications, and the whole nine yards.

I think CodeMonkey's whistle-blower will come into play as well for this event.  The revelations about the sources and how they did it will reveal that this entire thing has been the biggest sting in history.


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