Why is a Republican in favor of a minimum wage?

Posted by DC on Thu, 05/12/2016 - 14:02

Usually when I hear someone espousing the virtues of a minimum wage, it's from either an anti-American Marxist professor with no life experiences, or a young person whose thinking skills are so severely depressed that their brains failed to reject the idiocy simply because the adult in the class room with messy hair and elbow patches told them it's a good thing and helps poor people.  However, in this case, the presumptive Republican nominee will do just fine:

“I'm looking at that, I'm very different from most Republicans,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee told CNN Wednesday about the prospect of increasing wages. 

Yes.  He is attempting to give validity to a concept that destroys the fiber of the free market and drives up unemployment.  A concept that absolves a person from the responsibility of developing skills that increases demand for their labor, ultimately rendering them invaluable and unable to provide for themselves.  If you don't have a skill that is worth anything, then you aren't worth anything.  It really is that simple.  Just because you have a pulse and know how to breathe doesn't mean you have any worth.  A heart surgeon has a skill that took time, money, and smarts to obtain.  They are valuable.  A delinquent who wears a nametag and hands you a coffee through a drive-through window is not valuable, and has no worth.  This isn't a knock on someone who makes coffee for a living.  It simply is what it is.  If you're a kid and it's your first job, then it should be a stepping stone to your growth and a self realization that you don't want to do this for a living.  It is a scared straight program for life.  However, if you're 35 and still grinding beans, then you're a loser, unless you're indeed happy with your life and not supporting these policies that destroy the free market for the rest of us simply because you hate your life.

Like any liberal position, it is easily destroyed with reality and common sense.  Ask a liberal why the minimum wage shouldn't be $100.  Their response is always an agreement as to why a minimum wage is destructive in the first place.  Their feelings makes them think $15 per hour is better than $100 per hour, just because it feels like it is more feasible.  Since the logic faculties of these kids and academics are so damaged, they don't understand how any increase in labor costs increases the costs of products and services and throws supply and demand and the free market out of whack.  Their Marxist programming always defaults to a retort about how the business owner should absorb the cost with no regard to the business owner's labor or risk.  After all, that's who they want to hurt, but they really hurt workers and those trying to pull themselves out of poverty the most.

Logic aside, and to the point of this post, why is this Marxism creeping into the Republican Party?  Why is the Republican Party positioning itself as an enemy of small business and the free market?  Minimum wage is the ecological equivalent to pouring sewage into a clean stream.  Liberalism must always contend with mother nature, human nature, and nature in general.  Why is this now a Republican plank?  Republicans should always be preaching about the virtues of the free market, and it should be a foundational platform.  Instead, they openly embrace cronyism and collusion with government.  Why are they not pushing to repeal the minimum wage?  The Marxists have officially hijacked the Republican Party like they did with the Democrat Party.

Republicans are the new Democrats.

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