Why is Hillary Disliked?

Posted by The Boo Man on Sat, 05/28/2016 - 08:39

That question is being bandied about. Most recently by every democrat's favorite cocktail republican, David Brooks. There are lots of explanations for Hillary’s unlikability and even more questions even though very few in the media have the integrity to ask them.

Let’s just be honest for a moment. The women is awful.

Yes, I said it.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s commendations aside, Hillary Clinton is less likable than, well Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That is like saying jock itch is a bit worse than ringworm.  But it’s become rather obvious over the last few years but most intelligent life forms saw it decades ago. So let’s begin.

As I said she is awful. Awful in every way the pope isn’t. Let’s start with her “marriage”. I think this bothers me the most. It’s creepy and insulting. Did anyone really see them as an affectionate couple? How about just a couple? Yasser Arafat and Benjamin Netanyahu would look more comfortable together than the Clintons. When they hug ( a rare event) you get same sort of feeling you get when you walk in on your parents having sex. Awkward. They have fooled no one except Terry McAuliffe and Lanny Davis. It’s a facade and always has been. But why? Well, she needs him more than he needs her. Old Bill was a brilliant politician. He could easily and naturally draw potential voters to his way of thinking. The best Hillary can do is declare the death of the mining industry and then create a messy linguistic junkyard to try and explain why she never meant what she voluntarily said.

Bill was smooth. Hillary is sandpaper with a rash.  When she laughs angels fall from heaven and land on wind turbines caked with the blood of endangered birds. Bill talked himself out of a creepy hookup with someone half his age. Hillary can’t explain how she landed in Bosnia.

Why is she still with him? He has had more mistresses than the old guy that owns Playboy. Bill has spent his adult life walking over Hillary and yet she stays with him while proclaiming to be the ultimate feminist who won’t be taken advantage of. Well her feminism has been for sale. In fact she sold it with Bills first excursion into infidelity which was probably on their honeymoon.

And let’s not forget all the mistresses she targeted and silenced. This must be a definition of the word “feminism” that I was not aware of.

While wild Bill was flying naughty airlines LLC to Orgy Island sans his security detail Hillary was pimping herself out to anyone with  $250,000 or more. It didn’t matter how badly these heads of state treated their female subjects. If they had cash they had Hillary. In her world money is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Well that might not be the case. If it was perhaps Bill wouldn’t spend so much time inserting himself into women that wasn’t Hillary.

Then there is her campaign. Well it’s more of an angry cliche fest with the subtlety of Alan Grayson.  It started not with an announcement but with a video that had all the warmth of a colonoscopy. Hillary was the first ever to announce her candidacy via infomercial. She then relaunched her campaign at least three more times. All the while “evolving” on the issues. She’s basically reversed herself on most issues since she was in the senate.  Bicycle accident enthusiast John Kerry must be in total awe (He rode the bike before he fell off it). Let’s not forget her campaign symbol. The “H” with the arrow. It basically says “hospital parking this way”. Is this a Mel Brooks film?

Hillary and her surrogates have been begging, pleading and demanding Bernie Sanders drop out of the race since he entered the race. This was supposed to be a coronation. The DNC told their supporters in 2008 that she was going to be the nominee in 2016. She had 8 years to prepare but she chose instead to use the time to give speeches privately to the people she demonized publicly. The more Hillary talks the more the voters run for the exits. It’s not so much her personality because she doesn’t have one. It’s mainly because she can’t articulate why she wants to be president aside from the fact she is Hillary Clinton. That alone seems to put people off. It's the assumption that everyone will vote for her without any questions. This explains the begging, pleading and demanding. She’s the only candidate that I know of that changes her accent depending on the audience. She is the Rich Little of politics. Just not as talented, or funny, or human.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the scandals. The word scandal is forever intertwined with the name Clinton. More Hillary than her horny husband. However why rehash old leftovers? Let’s focus on the scandale du jour. Hillary’s use of a personal server is unprecedented for many reasons. Perhaps because she continues to lie and dismiss the issue as an annoyance as if national security is nothing but the hiccups right before an un-depth interview Katie Couric. Now, all national politicians end up in a bubble and Hillary being more established than the white house itself is obviously out of touch. However, is there no one in her tiny circle of sycophants brave enough to say “these lies aren’t working so well”? Huma Abedin who’s supposedly a smart woman and knows Hillary in and out of her pant suits didn’t notice the daily lies were being debunked as quickly as they were being issued? It takes a special kind of diva to taunt the FBI. Does this callous, arrogant, habitual liar not realize the voters, her voters see there are laws for them and separate laws for her? Laws she doesn’t seem to think she needs to obey? Obviously not though the voters have finally figured it out. Hence the rise of Bernie and Donnie.

She has many things. Money, power, name recognition etc. Everything but what counts the most. Dignity. And perhaps voters.

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