Who’s Leading the Democrat Party?

Posted by The Boo Man on Sat, 04/29/2017 - 02:36

Easier questions have been asked. Is there a God? Does God like cheese? Why do middle aged men wear mom jeans and who invented trees? After an eight year slow motion suicide known officially as the Obama presidency the democrats are wandering onto the post war battlefield in a confused state asking questions. What happened? Where do we go from here? We still kill babies, right? Who’s going to lead us out of the wilderness?

Who indeed.

So, Let's have a gander. There's Barry but it looks like he has discovered capitalism is pretty groovy and might be busy for the next few years marinating in the liberal fawning at $400,000 a fawn. What about Tom Perez? He's been barnstorming the country with Bernie Sanders shouting shouty type obscenities at every opportunity. According to Perez any democrat who doesn't support killing babies is no longer welcome in the party. And speaking of Bernie he's the most popular democrat in the country yet pretends he isn't a democrat. He might be the nominee in 2020. He'll be 173 at the time so he’ll have to be preserved somehow.  He'll could be the first dalek to run for office.

Then there are the youngsters. Elizabeth Warren for example. She has just released her 11th book that no one will read. She flip flops more often than a beach goer on the boardwalk. She might be able to shout her way to the nomination. She's popular popular with mouth breathing liberals and no one else. She does the Bernie mantra well (millionaires and billionaires!) but when it comes to substance she's a deer in the headlights of a Prius.

We can't count out Hillary. She's a 70 year old woman in the body of a 98 year old with policies from 1920’s Russia. She might be the second dalek to run for office. She has reemerged after he staggering loss but spends most of her public time explaining why her loss to Donald Trump is everyone's fault but hers. At the moment the list includes James Comey, Vladimir Putin, white people, fake news and misogyny. She's got a daughter though and Chelsea seems to be on pace to out award Barry. She's racking up awards on a weekly basis and like Barry she has done nothing to earn them. If Hillary realizes the left is looking past her to her daughter Chelsea's life may be in danger.

There is also Maxine and Nancy. The dementia sisters. Between them every republican is working for Putin. Neither can finish a sentence without stumbling over their words, mispronouncing a country or simply staring at the camera lost. Oh these precocious kids!

Keith Ellison! Tawdry Tom Perez's crazy Jew hating sidekick. He's the first democrat to scare the Jewish vote away from democrats. The simple fact the democrats keep this sweaty lunatic around shows the party has learned nothing and is doubling down like a gambling addict. Tom Perez might be more extreme than downer Debbie.

Al Franken seems to be positioning himself for a bigger role in the party. Maybe the oval office. Unfortunately he thought the best way to launch this epic adventure was to try and teach law to an Ivy school educated judge. After Gorsuch was through with him he needed that diaper. Franken actually looked worse than Dick Durbin and Dick Durbin has made a career out of looking like a moron at judicial confirmation hearings. The democrats worked hard to take out Neil Gorsuch but the end result wasn't just a failure, it was the Titanic slamming head on into the Hindenburg and crash landing on an orphanage for deaf children situated in a leper colony during an earthquake.

So, I guess there is no leader. Just a few loud mouthed crazy establishment old timers responsible for the gutting of the party.

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