What's the deal with Governor Deal?

Posted by DC on Thu, 04/28/2016 - 07:28

Governor Deal has been a huge disappointment.  He had two important pieces of legislation on his desk, HB 757 and HB 859.  House Bill 757, a religious liberty protection bill passed the Georgia Legislature with watered down changes, but made its way to Deal's desk.  Hollywood and the Marxist-run corporations promptly put the squeeze on Deal, and he caved and vetoed it.  The corporations threatened boycotts and lost convention business, and that made Deal's knees weak.  A Governor Carter would have gladly vetoed it as well.  What was the advantage of re-electing Deal?  Of course, he does it the day after Easter, just to give an extra kick in the nuts to the Christian base that supported and backed him.

With HB 757 vetoed, next is a campus carry bill, House Bill 859, another watered down bill that allows students to carry firearms on campus.  Georgia Tech, as an example, has a bad problem with students getting attacked because of its proximity to a bad part of town.  This bill would give the students the ability to better defend themselves.  Some of the speculation has been that he has to sign this since he caved on the religious liberty bill, but Michael Stipe, a famous singer from Georgia, wrote an open letter to Governor Deal, and Deal's knees have started shaking.  It seems like he's looking for an out.  It's as if he had no problem running as conservative, thinking bills like this wouldn't actually make it to his desk, and now that they have, he doesn't want to touch them.  Governor Abbott he is not.

Big business owns Governor Deal.  Small business takes a back seat.  The HB 757 was a pretty limited bill, but it didn't matter.  Most of the companies that turned the heat up do business in places like Saudi Arabia.  Governor Deal did not have the will to take it to these organizations and use this as an opportunity to expose their hypocrisy.  He didn't have to worry about re-election, and had tons of support, yet he remained anchored to the Marxists.  Georgia is a conservative stronghold in The Union, but not with liberal Governors trying to fast-track it to a blue state.

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