What is the Difference Between a Bernie Supporter and a Trump Supporter?

Posted by The Boo Man on Mon, 04/25/2016 - 05:58

I'm sure by now dear reader that you have figured out the question is indeed a trick. A hoax if you will. An illusion, a ploy. A wee bit of chicanery.  Because (wait for it) There is no difference. Their policies may be different however the candidates and their acolytes are identical.

Let us start with Bernie Sanders. A man who  sleeps in the suits he wears. A man born to look like he just fell off the top of a bonfire. A man with less depth than the kiddie pool at the local recreation center. He's a rock star. A bone fide celebrity (in that weird Hollywood sort of way). He has a legion of pot smoking college sophmores hanging on his every word. They love him. They love his promises and they love his anger.

However Bernie has gotten away with only having to do one serious in-depth interview so far and he blew it.  He failed worse than Hillary taking the DC bar exam. That doesn't matter because what you don't know won't hurt you and his followers know less than the Donald Trump mouth foamers. Ask a Bernie baby how he will break up the banks and they give you a blank stare that is all the rage in the zombie shows. They don't know but then again neither does Comrade Sanders.  He consistently accuses the bankers of committing crimes and he can't give us one example of an actual law broken. His followers don't care. All they hear is red meat.  Evil corporations! YEAH!

And then there are the millionaires and billionaires. Thanks to Bernie his moronic followers believe the rich got rich by robbing the poor. I had no idea the poor had that much disposable income.  Anyway these evil people have to pay their fair share according Bernie. His followers don't know what that is but Bernie does. This is probably the only thing he knows but he won't tell us. It's a secret because a 90 percent tax rate would make even the most socialist of the A-list socialists soil their undergarments. Not even Michael Moore would support that. How would he feed his chins? It doesn't matter. As I said Bernie ain't talkin' and the kids don't care.

All that matters is the language and the emotion. Red Meat. Billionaires! Wall Street! Free college! He demagogues and they swoon. He's the Tom Jones of politics. As long as there is something to be really angry at (government not included) he will be carried to each event on a wave of emotional liberals who have learned that they are not to blame for any of their failures in life. You can't pay your mortgage? Billionaires! Got past over for that promotion? Wall Street! And if all else fails blame the weather.

Bernie's real message is "you're not to blame for anything and owed everything" Life is good in Little Havana until you walk out of your shack and into the real world.

And then there is the Donald. Or Donnie Bails as I have come to call him. Where Bernie is crumpled and looks like a pair of old socks Donnie looks as if he was manufactured in a factory in China-cheaply.  The suits fit...sort of. The tan is temperamental and his hair stylist has ADD. His hair reminds me of that Clint Eastwood film " Every Which Way But Loose". But enough of the obvious. Let's talk about his followers...

Incoherent is the word that comes to mind. Listening to a Trump supporter is very much like listening to a Vogon without the aid of a bablefish. You feel the rage and you feel the volume but you just don't know what the f**k they're talking about.  Lots of shouty persons shouting about real life problems but not understanding the problems they are shouting about. Yes Donnie has focused on the issues Republicans and Conservatives are focused on however it helps to have a plan.

And Donnie himself isn't much better. He's not incoherent because he never says anything. He's circular. It always returns to "make America great again". He depends on the red meat.  Deport the illegals. Yeah! Punish China. Yeah!. No one understands what this means but it sounds good. It serves as an outlet for the millions of out of work people President Obama claims to have helped.
America is tired of being unemployed and hearing about the plight of people in other countries. The Donald cleverly made this his unofficial anthem.  "What about America?". Sounds groovy doesn't it?

The country is in the toilet. Tens of millions out of work, on government assistance and scared. On top of that all of us are mandated at the point of a gun to buy health insurance that is exponentially more costly than before the ACA was passed. Putin thinks he in an old James Bond film and ISIS has opened branch offices all over Europe.

And Barry's biggest concern is Cuba and the weather.

Trump's not dumb. He has capitalized on the issues the government has ignored. He doesn't have to be specific. People are just happy he is talking about things they feel are important and he has taken advantage of that. You can't blame him. He's a politician.

Trump's an opportunist. Sanders is the college roommate in the Che shirt that never grew up. They both have exceeded expectations because they rely on the red meat. Shouty finger pointing and anger may garner votes. But do they solve problems?

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