We don't want things to get done. We want things to get undone!

Posted by DC on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 17:45

Every time I hear some RINO Congressman or Senator gaze into the camera with dead eyes and a Manchurian smirk and say "the American people want us to come together and get things done", I flip my lid.  For the millionth time, we don't want things to get done; we want things to get UNDONE!

We want to undo high tax rates, undo regulations, and undo the Marxification of our schools.  We want to undo the anti-capitalist programming of our yutes so they may look at successful people with high regard and aspire to be like them. We want to undo the stranglehold on our liberties and undo the slow frog boil into a welfare dependent utopia.

Way too much has been "done".  We have millions of pages of legislation that does way too much to hurt us.  The producers in this country are sick of it.  When the Marxists in the GOP and Democrat Party say they want to get stuff done, it's never good for the country.

Gridlock is a good thing.  The Marxists hate it because it slows down their destruction of our evil, racist country, but we have gridlock by design.  It's one reason why we have departments like the EPA, making it easier to side-step Congress and directly strangle mean 'ol businesses making their dirty profit.  The more gridlock we have, the safer our liberties.

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