Using Socialism to Solve the NYC Rat Problem

Posted by DC on Thu, 06/22/2017 - 11:06

Today I read about the rat problem in NYC.  It's so bad, web developers created a map to show the hotspots.  They are disgusting and carry diseases, which is why they were in Heaven during Occupy Wall Street.  The infestation is a real problem, but I think I have a solution that would make NYC a better place. 

A government that mandates dependency can really do a number on a country, like Venezuela.  It's so bad down there that they're burning down their Supreme Court.  Can you imagine that happening here?  If you're Bill Ayers then don't answer that, but let's just say President Maduro needs to lock his gates at night. 

How is this happening in Venezuela?  They're an oil-rich country with wicked resources, yet people can't get electricity, food, medical, and even toilet paper.  When they get desperate they start to do things like eating any animal they can get their hands on.  That's when I started thinking about that rat problem.

See where I'm going?

If we could harness the rewards of socialism and get the rats to the starving people in Venezuela, we could simultaneously feed them and make a dent in the NYC rat population.  Ironically, it would be the natural force of supply-and-demand of the free market, but let's not dwell.  I acknowledge there's a logistics problem with the solution, but I'm just thinking outside the box here.

They at least need some bread lines.  That would be the best solution.  Even Bernie Sanders agrees.  Don't laugh -- it's that academic brilliance that landed him a few cribs, including a lake house.  I wonder if he looks at his wealth and thinks back to when he first started making a steady paycheck, way back when he was a young, spunky kid in his mid-40s.  True, it was a government paycheck, but at least it was something I suppose.  Why his mid-40s?  Maybe his parents kicked him out.

Sorry Bernie supporters, but you have been duped into a myth.

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