Update on the construction of Trump's big, beautiful wall

Posted by DC on Thu, 08/01/2019 - 22:19

It's bad enough listening to people cry that "nothing's happening" in regards to Spygate, but the lie about the border wall takes the cake.  Progress has been steady, even as the Democrats and Republicans fight it tooth and nail.  Obstacles that would stop a mortal president in his tracks continue to be overcome by the greatest President ever to live.

Last week, the Supreme Court gave the President a win (which always means a win for the country) by allowing $2.5 billion of unspent military funds to be used for border construction.  The anti-American Marxists continue to fight in the lower courts, but this was another move forward.  This keeps projects moving.

The standard retort by the idiots attempting to downplay progress is "it's not new construction, it's replacement wall".  I can't believe I hear this idiocy out in the internet wild, so here's the reality: if an existing part of barrier is ineffective and allows traffic to pass through it with no problem, then it's not a barrier.

If you remove that old barrier that stops nothing, and "replace" it with a brand new barrier that stops the traffic, then that's NEW CONSTRUCTION you fucking idiots!  If you have a wide-open space, and a space with an ineffective barrier, but illegals can pass through either with no problem, then all of a sudden they can't, then that's a new barrier.

Here's a collection of some videos that shows work in progress.  I like this first one, because some idiot put up see-saws between the pillars.  This is a video of either Juarez, New Mexico or El Paso, Texas.  If you ever wanted to play with some would-be illegals, this is a great place to do it:



Here's a series from a YouTube channel called militaryhackforce.  He has some good videos, and here's the first one in his new border series (it's little over a minute).  I don't know the location of this (note the logo on the vest of the construction worker at the beginning):



Here's another from the same channel in Arizona:



See those big machines moving around, and those people in construction gear?  That's called "construction".  Here's one from the same channel in San Diego:



What do you think those stacks and stacks of steel are? Props?  Here's a few ladies in Hildago, Texas with some construction behind them:



This is a longer video from a live-stream from a YouTube channel called True Conservative Minutes.  Right at the beginning he points out a double-wall.  He gets some good shots and good information in this video:



Here's a short video from June in Yuma, Arizona:



Around El Paso, Texas:



The wall continues to move forward no matter how much the anti-Trumpers kick and scream that nothing's happening and Trump is a big 'ol liar.  It's a disinformation campaign, and for too many of you on our side, you fall for it.

Of course, we have another layer of wall.  It's called the "Mexican military".  Only President Trump could pull that off.


Chris Farley and Trump


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