Is Trump's media company about to buy Parler? What I think the Melania Trump post really was

Posted by DC on Thu, 12/09/2021 - 09:42

Melania Trump joined Parler and made a post, and her account was confirmed by a Parler executive.  I have a thought on what that was, and I'm not certain it's what everyone thinks.  Disclaimer: I had no idea Parler was still functioning.

Here's Mark Dice with a quick post about it:



I disagree with Dice that the enemy will keep him off the app stores.  The organization is backed by heavy hitters, something Parler was not (no, Matze being the Mercers' coffee boy was not enough to wield influence).

Let's look at some known facts to see if we can get our arms around what's happening.

FACT: Trump is in a completely different position than anyone else on the planet because he has the massive following.  A social media platform looking to make money must have a member base, and who has a bigger, or more devout member base than President Trump?  This not only applies to social media, but any endeavor that requires a consumer base.

FACT: GETTR is a piece of crap.  The big accounts continue to keep an account on Twitter because they know GETTR sucks.  For example, for us War Room fans, Boris Epshteyn is most definitely NOT coming in hot on GETTR.  He posts a handful of times per day.  On Twitter, however, he's still a little tweety-bird.

GETTR also has that English/Chinese translation option which really turns me off.  This needs to be an American platform that gives no effs about expanding to other countries.

Jason Miller is such a clown.  When I read his statement from the day Truth Social was announced, I about spit up my coffee:

After the news, Miller released a statement congratulating Trump and saying the two had tried to come to a deal.

"Congratulations to President Trump for re-entering the social media fray! Now Facebook and Twitter will lose even more market share," he wrote. "President Trump has always been a great deal-maker, but we just couldn't come to terms on a deal."

First, Jason, you're not in the social media fray.  You somehow convinced the GETTR team to gamble that you could either get Trump to join, or buy in with some equity play, therefore likely scored a decent employment contract, all the while knowing you had zero influence over the Trump team.

Second, you couldn't "come to a deal" because there was no deal on the table.  His team probably gave you five minutes as a courtesy so you could show the GETTR guys something, but you're holding no cards or anything of value.

Third, you lose what little market share you have.  You can keep the bots propping up the illusion that there's some semblance of action there.

If Miller were to accurately recount what transpired with the Trump team meeting, it would have been "I pitched GETTR to them and they laughed me out of the room.  Half of them didn't even remember who I was.  Then they asked if I needed my parking validated."

It's so bad at GETTR with incompetent leadership that they're running stupid promotions to inflate their MAU.  Morons.

FACT: We know the Trump team has been talking to other social media platforms, which means there was interest in something, presumably a platform.  If that's the case, why is TMTG showing that they're building a platform off the Mastodon framework?

If it were me, I'd do that for leverage when negotiating with the other platforms, e.g. "here's what we want, otherwise, we'll keep building our own".  Remember, the Trump team has the user base even before the platform is launched.

So, why did the greatest First Lady of all time create an account and make a post on Parler?  I think it was a combination of a confirmation post and a power move.

To me, it looks like the Trump team is negotiating with someone, and that party who wanted confirmation that they really have the backing of the President and close with him before moving forward.

If it were me, I'd be fine with Dan Scavino, or Liz Harrington, or someone everyone knows is in the inner circle.  To have the First Lady is not only an over-the-top attention-getting confirmation, because who's more in the Trump circle than she, but I think they did it on Parler to toy with the Mercers a little bit.

Why is a Parler executive confirming the account and post?  I can see the Trump team calling Melania's people to set up the account and then contact the Parler people to confirm it.  Then, influencers like Mark Dice who are in contact with Parler confirm it publicly.

There's no attention on the party actually negotiating with the Trump team and they get the strongest confirmation of Trump support possible, and meanwhile the Mercers are like "what in the hell just happened?"

Who is the party with whom they're negotiating?  I'd have no idea, and it may not even be a social media company, but if it is, I have guess.

First, let me say I could be 100% wrong, and perhaps likely am.  This is a shot in the dark because it's something I would do, but that may not line up with what the Trump team is looking to do or what their end vision may be.

Some are saying the TMTG already bought Parler, and very well may have, but I'm not sure about that, but I'll probably hit "publish" on this post and the news will break later today that it was indeed Parler.

However, I don't think it is, because Parler is a piece of crap with a lot of baggage, and will take a lot of work to get it de-crapified before February, which is the release date I believe.  GETTR is a piece of crap.  It's not Locals because Rumble already acquired them.

Telegram?  That could be as an alternative to Twitter, but they're more of a messaging service.

CloutHub?  They're my second choice, but could be my first.  That's also where General Flynn's primary social media account is, and they recently did an overhaul if I'm not mistaken.

Who do I think they'll go with?

Who is already established?  Who already has some big accounts?  Who is secure and decentralized?  Who is somewhat of a combination of Twitter and Facebook with a clean UI?  Who already has a built in mechanism to receive payments for crypto, which adds an entirely new dimension the others lack?  Who has a news feed?  Who has encrypted chat?  Who's already in the app stores?  Who has a tech team that's actually competent?


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