Is Trump A RINO or A Lib?

Posted by Solar on Sun, 04/24/2016 - 03:20

He views all of life as his personal challenge, that if he accomplishes his goal, then it must have been morally right.  Like using the power of the court to steal an old widow's home, because if it were actually wrong, the laws wouldn't have allowed it, loopholes are part of his bag of tools, legal threats and black mail are last resorts, but always at the ready.

The reason I point out what most view as disgusting character flaws are actually seen on the left as a strength.  Making deals and winning at all costs, where sacrificing principal and morals which are built into the fabric of this nation is OK, libs see this as "Progressive", retaining the status quo is stagnation, which is why libs love Trump.  They know when it comes to what they want, a Trump administration will give them everything they want as long as it benefits Trump. 

Now ask yourself, has Trump's past actions shown in any way that he has this nations best interests at heart?  Not the BS rhetoric of campaign promises, but actual actions, or deeds?  One other point to consider is his negatives. His are the highest of any candidate for the WH at this point in election history.  In other words, no candidate has ever won with negatives even close to his, which is proof if he were the nominee, Hillary would actually win because the Conservative base is done voting for libs on the GOP ticket.

Consider this: Trump was beaten bloody in his home state by Hillary Clinton, a Carpet Bagger.  So what makes you Trumpanzees think he can beat her in the general?  Ask yourself, is he more Conservative than Dole, McCain, Mitten?  I don't remember any of them winning, and they were actually somewhat affable.

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