Trannie convicted of sexual assault, even after Hussein said it didn't happen

Posted by DC on Tue, 10/26/2021 - 10:15

Clinton bag boy Terry McAuliffe is running for governor in Virginia again, and things aren't going very well for him.  He's getting creamed by the head honcho of the Carlyle Group, Glenn Youngkin, who has a great jumper (compare that with Hussein's mangled jumper), therefore he had to throw up the SOS signal to get some support from the "you didn't build that" King, Hussein himself.

Hussein drew a massive crowd of almost 200 people.  He spent all his money on hot dogs, so he didn't have any left over for Obama phones, therefore no real incentive to show up and watch a Marxist's ramblings.  At a Trump rally, there's more than 200 people standing in line for the bathrooms at any given point in time.

The news wasn't just how unpopular Hussein is when you're not busing in a crowd of society's rejects, but how he actually said the two sexual assaults in Loudoun County were fake.  He of all people should know how dangerous an aggressive trannie can be.

As on cue, the universe dished some actual justice to the mentally deranged wokester, who was convicted in court.

A cross-dressing male student has been convicted in Loudoun County’s juvenile court system of the sexual assault of a female classmate in a girl’s restroom, following a scandal that revealed the local school board had sought to cover up reports of the crime for fear it would incite the school system’s transgender agenda.

A 14-year old biological male student who some accounts have described as transgender was found guilty on all counts for the assault at Stone Bridge High School, with most details surrounding the criminal conviction sealed as a result of the offender’s age. The minor will await adjudication of charges stemming from yet another assault at a different high school before sentencing.

Imagine that.

The trannie is lucky the dad of the girl didn't do his Alec Baldwin impression on him.  To me, it's interesting how fast the school board moved on this.  Most people think it was to save face after it became a national story, but I think it was to put this to bed to avoid much worse becoming public.  If it were just this one genderly-confused kid, the school board would have laughed this entire thing off.

Regardless, another defeat of the Marxist movement, albeit small.

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