The tragedy in the Breonna Taylor case was the indictment of the police officer

Posted by DC on Thu, 09/24/2020 - 11:55

I honestly don’t have empathy for Breonna Taylor.  I see her death in the same way I see an alligator tamer who’s head was finally bitten off, or someone who gets mauled by their pet chimpanzee.  Miss Taylor chose to put herself in a dangerous situation, and she met a predictable demise.

Sadly, a police officer’s career and life has been ruined.

Miss Taylor was in a relationship with a dangerous criminal, therefore, it’s hard for me to consider her situation a real tragedy.  I do have empathy for her family or loved ones, but I feel the same way about the owner of the chimpanzee; Breonna put herself in that situation.

Many of us growing up had opportunities to run with bad crowds, many of whom found their way to death or incarceration.  As much trouble as I’ve managed to ferret during my youth, I avoided getting in too deep with those lacking respect for the life, liberty, and property of others.  Because I didn't involve myself with dangerous criminals, I significantly reduced the probability of me getting killed in a crossfire of bullets.

Miss Taylor became romantically involved with such trash, along with joining in their criminal activities.  The real tragedy was the cop who was hit with charges while the career criminal, Kenneth Walker, opens fire on the police with no consequences.

The lies pushed about the Taylor case are to be expected.  I could go on a rant about the media, but that’s old hat at this point.  It’s fascinating how government schools have excreted generations of chattel lacking the faculties for critical thinking for them to discern reality from blatant lies.

A few tweets from a federal prosecutor of twenty-two years on a few points:





Taylor was very much involved in the drug operations with these criminals, including storing and managing the cash.  Druggies make their own decisions to destroy their lives, and Taylor was helping to supply a demand (illegally), but she was far from the “do no harm” EMT who saved lives with medical skills.  She helped ruin lives with Glover and Walker.

Taylor is just another criminal who met an early demise because of her high-risk lifestyle.

For more information, Brandon Tatum has been all over the case with a lot of juicy information backed up with official documents you haven't seen in the mainstream, and even independent, media:



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