Time To Grow Up Millennials

Posted by Solar on Thu, 03/22/2018 - 17:00

This is not to be taken as an insult, rather I'd like to afford you the chance to break out of the stereotype of being blamed for everything wrong in the country when someone wants an easy target. I'll admit, I was one of these people, a Baby Boomer, I too would look at the ills taking place on college campuses where small groups of morons bought the big lie that capitalism was evil.

The media played it up in an effort to make it appear as though it was a movement sweeping the country, when in truth, these were a tiny group of radicals making everyone seeking an education for a better life, look like a bunch of communist tools. So, when these groups started demanding social change, from free speech zones, to banning Conservative speech, they were helping the Marxists push an agenda of, not only division, but helping push the idea that not all speech is free, especially speech they don't agree with, so the label of Snowflake was firmly affixed since Millennial's were at the moment, college age, you took the brunt of the ire of the nation.

This is how the left works through their ownership of the media, they set the narrative, they create victims for the sole purpose of exploitation. Yes, you've been exploited. I digress. The title is purposely misleading because you are now grown and are productive members of society, yet we still blame Millennial's for all the damage our so-called "Higher Learning institutions" produced, all because we fell for the divisive tactics of a leftist media.

This is the thing about creating division, the left picks a small demographic group, finds the angered, displaced, the depressed, those that don't fit in with the mainstream. They myopically focus on the chosen group to exploit and make it appear as if the group is somehow representative of the majority, which is simply nowhere near reality.

Take the gay movement, a ridiculously tiny fraction of the population, they needed to make it appear as if they were somehow being discriminated against, when in truth the majority doesn't care what people do as individuals, but they needed more, they needed a bigger group, so instead of just gays, lets include every queer behavior known to society and encompass them under the banner of LGBTQ, and whatever group they include later.

Well, the left has done the same to Millennial's, they took an entire generation, forced you to align with the aforementioned groups as a way of creating a divide of cultures. Pretty ingenious, don't ya think? But this is the way of the Marxist, just look back through recent history, most recently, the black family. I won't go into detail about how LBJ and the Dem party accomplished this by destroying the Black nuclear family by removing the father from the equation, but suffice it to say, they locked an entire race of people by first making them a victim of govt and exploiting them, locking them under the Dem banner simply by once again making them slaves to the Federal Teat for survival.

Is this starting to make any sense? I know how foreign this must sound to many, but it's the truth, it's what the left does and it's how you, Millennial's have been labeled as lazy underachievers still living at mom and dads house. How did they accomplish this feat? Look at the Obama economy, where the left was literally killing off jobs in virtually every industry, all the while flooding the Nation will illegals to compete for the few jobs available that fell under entry level positions, literally stripping away a young person’s chance to enter the workforce.

So, they sold the idea that only a college education was the answer, another big leftist lie, but it did give you an edge towards an entry level opening in a fast food restaurant. See what they did here? Once again, they create victims, then they sell the idea that getting your parents to foot the bill for college, another one of their crony connections, they can further brainwash you using leftist professors teaching ideology over actual education, furthering their grip on the young victims. I'd love to go into greater detail showing examples to prove my points, but I'm not writing a book, I just want you to understand, you don't have to be a victim, you don't have to own the label of lazy Millennial.

Point is, fight back, show the Nation who you really are, show them you're strong America loving people deserving of the American dream, that you're the ones willing to fight for a country you remember as kids and not the mess you're inheriting.

Let me go off topic for a second. Years back Tom Brokaw coined the term "Greatest Generation" in a book he wrote about those who fought in WWII, claimed it was they who built this Nation into what it had become at the time. My dad, one of those who fought in WWII, born in 1916 literally called it Bull Shit, and for good reason, he started listing off all the crap his generation foisted upon the next generation, mine, the Baby Boomers, from stealing hard earned money under the guise of Social Security, when the left created the payroll tax withholding process, where they stole a portion of your earnings and claimed you'd get back if you reach retirement age, as well as a way to assure you paid your taxes. Yes, this co called "Greatest Generation" gave the Fed the ability to track each and every American in the country. How nice was that? He went on to list a myriad of rules and laws his generation created that usurped the Liberties and Freedoms of Americans for generations to come and I was shocked at the level of degradation it had on our very Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It's this 'hatchet chipping effect' the left uses like that of nature, whereby itself the damage is nondiscernable, but when put together, it's like nature eroding away to create the Grand Canyon. It's this slow incremental chipping they use generation to generation goes unnoticed, but when you get old enough, you gain historical perspective and see the bigger picture of the freedoms lost. Look at your life today, seems fine, to a point, right? Take my father’s father, he bought land, a small 40 acre piece, turned it into a farm that fed his family and earned a meager profit and afforded them a comfortable life relative to the time, nearly all their earnings were theirs, but compare it to your life, where nearly half of everything you make is taxed by several levels of govt.

OK, I've wandered a bit, but I wanted to make a point, don't allow yourself to become the proverbial frog in the pot, stand up while you still have a chance, fight for the ideals our Founders had for your future, remember why we even have a Bill of Rights.

Reagan put it quite bluntly, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Here's the thing, Conservatives are not your enemy, regardless what the left tells you, we are the ones preserving the few freedoms our fathers preserved for us, we want you to experience the Freedoms we remember, we're fighting to return what we've lost so you can pass them along to your children and them to theirs.

It's time to steal the leftist narrative of victim and turn it into warrior and fight for what little is left. Don't vote for a leftist, and I don't mean just the Dem party, the GOP is packed full of them as well, so when you vote, make sure that person is fighting for our Founding Ideals.

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