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Posted by The Boo Man on Sat, 06/18/2016 - 06:23

I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that I will never be as clever as my liberal counterparts. They are just too smart. Too nuanced. Too brilliant. They have the answers to all the questions which is irrelevant since they prefer to not answer any questions  they don’t like. Any questions that refer to their beliefs tend to render them bladderless. However I’ve got all sorts of questions for these faux intellectuals. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Why is Lena Dunham always getting naked? Shouldn’t she be spending this naked time doing a better show? That HBO disaster she does is nothing but a dated clichefest directed at angry women not quite sure of why they are angry. If she has the power and the influence the liberal rags claim she has why can’t she get someone at least mildly physically appealing to take their clothes off instead? I think they are called body doubles. Or better yet why can’t she hire a talented writer? Her show would have been better placed on MSNBC. Lena Dunham getting naked is a bit like her rape claims. You expected more but in the end you’re just disgusted.    

Speaking of naked Lena why are “feminists” against any sort of government intervention regarding their bodies except when it comes to abortion and contraception? ‘Leave our bodies alone, but make sure we can continue to kill our babies if we feel inconvenienced because we forgot to take our government mandated birth control pill.’ It seems the ‘hands off my body’ crowd is all too eager to be molested by government mandates. When did women’s rights become associated solely with killing babies? More importantly when did women’s equality mean they shed all responsibility when having sex? Apparently feminists and liberals in general believe babies can be discarded as easily as condoms they never insisted their partner use.

Why is it Liberals only blame the NRA for every gun death that doesn’t involve black people? Whenever a lunatic shoots up a gun free zone the left immediately blames the NRA. Well aside from this latest tragedy where they immediately went after anyone who prays for the families and victims. (Liberals can be     unpredictable) Whenever there is a terrorist attack in the US (I think we have had one a year under Barry’s leadership) the left go straight to gun control and demonizes the NRA.

And then there is Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore where an entire generation of young black males are working overtime to wipe themselves out of existence and not a word from the gun control left. Sure they leap into action in order to disarm the law abiding populace but when it comes to the aftermath they go silent. It’s not that they don’t want to blame the NRA for all those unnecessary deaths, it’s simply that they don’t want to draw attention to the failed gun control policies or the fact that these cities are and have been controlled by democrats for decades.

What exactly is the issue with Chuck Todd’s hair? It simply looks like a nearsighted barber took a handful of clippings and sprinkled it over Mr. Todds head.

Bernie Sanders demands that college education should be ”free”. Why doesn’t he demand college professors work for free? Why doesn’t the leader of the anti one percent revolution address the percentage of tuition that goes towards pensions and salary at these universities? How can Comrade Sanders complain about tuition and not mention the six figure salaries of university administrators? Could it be that he’s part of the establishment and part of the problem?

How does taking money from the rich make the poor less dependent on the government? Good old Bernie has made this his entire campaign. His solution to poverty is to take more money from the rich.

We have this thing called the war on poverty where we take tax payer money and (supposedly) spend it on poor people. Fifty-two years later and twenty one trillion dollars spent and the poverty rate has actually increased. So, What will Bernie do differently? More to the point does Bernie really know what he would do differently? I say nyet!

Speaking of the one percent why doesn’t Bernie ever mention the government employees that make six and seven figure salaries? Especially the ones running failed departments. So much for a true revolution. He’s just another establishment parasite.

How can a person be a feminist when they only defend some women. Oh, I love this one. I have said for years that feminism and all other isms lost all credibility when they went political. Why should anyone take feminism seriously when they remained silent all through the 2008 campaign and several years following? Where were they when Sarah Palin was consistently destroyed in the media? If president Obama, the smartest man to ever hold public office (so we were told). A God (so we were told again) were to be judged with the same yardstick the media used to judge Sarah Palin, Obama would be considered brain dead.

If Clinton believes Trump is not fit to be president how does she explain Libya and her emails?  We were told she was super smart and uber qualified. For what? Espionage? Doing what she criticizes Bush for doing?

I’ve got oodles more of these questions. It seems that that the left is stricken with a bad case of hypocrisy, demagoguery, smuggery and just plain stupidity.

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