There Won't Be An Electric Car Future Any Time Soon

Posted by Solar on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 03:02

I'm going to make this explanation as basic as possible. No mention of KWH, amp hours or any of that, I want it to be so simple a 6 year old could understand it.

The grid was designed for homes and it's been reliable for the most part. Each home was allotted the same amount of power, wire sizing and transformers to boost and buffer power. For the last 70 years it's been a great system, Right?

Hell, I even moved off the grid over 30 years ago into the wilderness thinking I didn't need all that much power, long before the internet and cell service, so I skimped on outlets.  Yes, I built my own home all by myself without a loan, so hiring help was out of the question.

Thinking I only needed lights and a small TV, my planning sufficed for a short time. As I grew my solar power, so did my insatiable need for more power, more outlets, and more outlets and power meant more electronics and more solar panels and batteries.

What started out as just a TV and lights, turned out to be a VCR, big screen TV, not soon after, a computer with dial-up.

Then DVD came along, then satellite, so needing internet faster than honey on a cold day, I added satellite Internet access as well as Dish Network.  Then I met the love of my life, and you know what that entailed, Right? Yep, more power and more outlets.

The point is our grid hasn't upgraded in nearly 60 years. Sure, they scammed us with the "Green Energy Lie" adding solar and wind, but we're still using the limited grid system designed for homes, or as in the case of business, a three phase system for higher current needs, but that's it.

Did they build nuclear? Nope, they're shutting them down. Did they build reservoirs? Nope, they want to demolish them under the guise of "Saving Gaia".

What did they do? They killed off a huge percentage of wildlife flying into bladed blenders scattered across our coastlines. Cooked a myriad of animals in our deserts with monstrous solar complexes.

And yes, the Fed stole your money to pay for it, and at what cost? Life and higher energy bills.

So here we are, sucking more energy than ever before on a grid system designed to handle standard loads and we've doubled our usage.

The left wants to do away with gas and diesel and have everyone convert to electric cars, all without developing an already outdated electrical grid susceptible to terrorist EMP blasts, or God forbid, a solar blast from our life giving sun.  Add to that, everyone today uses electricity 24/7 from cell phones to air conditioning and God knows what they all need charged, Right?

Now let's assume the left gets their way (which they will not, Thank God), but assume they did.

We have cars running 24/7 on the highway, cars having to stop every so many miles to charge, daily, right?

Here's the issue, as it stands, the grid can only serve a pittance of the power needed for cities, but imagine you're 70 miles from any given city, and you pull into a charging system that has 20 or more charging ports, and all but one is taken.

We're talking about a huge amount of power draw, Right? But we don't have anything even remotely close to what that would entail. Hell, we don't even have these grid stations in the desert.

So let me explain the problem using water lines, as in a hydrant system. When there's a fire in the city, as in many parts of the country, like here in California, the fire department asks people to not use water so the fire fighters have enough pressure to deliver the volumes needed to shoot a long stream of water to put out the fire and to keep the fire fighters at a safe distance.

Just imagine if the fire spreads quickly and the hydrant system can't keep up with demand, someone is SOL,, that's as basic as it gets.

That's where our grid is at this moment. You pull into a charging station and you're sharing what little the grid can deliver because everyone else is charging as well. What should have taken maybe 45 minutes to give you a good charge, will now take hours because you're all sharing what little power the grid/Hydrant can supply.

My point is, the left makes grandiose claims that can never come to fruition, but the only reason they do this is to make those against "Green Commie Energy", out to look like the bad guys. Yeah, we all hate the environment, yes, that's the message the Marxists want the country to believe.

I warned about the "Smart Meter" well over a decade ago, and if you think you'll be allowed to simply plug in at home, think again.

The new meter is designed to communicate with the government in a round about way, like here in California, the (PUC)  Public Utilities Commission, was taken over by the Marxists years ago so they could force energy producers to bend to their will.

The "Smart M" communicates with every appliance in your home. They know when you wake up, use the bathroom, how much toast you make, etc., but they'll also know when you charge your car, how many miles you drove, and can read your onboard computer to boot.

Think 5G, but even worse. If they want, they can charge you a premium for the convenience of home charging, or an even higher rate if it's peak demand. Sorry, I digress.

Enter "Green Energy" where the Marxists, through bribes and threats, forced them to produce, at a minimum, 10% of their energy had to be solar, only later to change that to any kind of so call "Green energy".  Hell, burning hemp was considered "Green".

And those who installed solar grid tie on their homes were able to sell their energy back to the utility.

Gee, with govt subsidizing solar (your tax dollars), and with the promise of no electric bill, what could go wrong, RIGGGHHT?

That didn't last long when suddenly the energy producers weren't making the profits they were promised, so what did the Marxists do? They allowed the utilities to build their own solar plants, on your dollar out in the desert, and what happened to the solar customer hoping they didn't have to pay for electricity?

Well, since the utilities didn't need customers' power anymore, the PUC changed the rules once again and made it so the utilities didn't need to purchase their solar. It was now set up on a demand-need sort of system. Now, I haven't been paying close attention to what they've done as to how much solar they're supposed to buy, simply because I haven't been on the grid in ages, but I'm certain people aren't spinning their meters backward like they used to before the "Smart Meter".

Oh, you can still keep your old analog meter, but last I heard you had to pay a premium of $30 per month just to have it, but then, you could literally spin your meter backwards, something known as "Gorilla Solar". You can look it up, there used to be some pretty cool stories on the subject.

So let's take a hypothetical trip based on what the left has in mind for our future, shall we?

You're stuck in a traffic jam out on the highway miles from the city. Keep in mind, they outlawed gas driven cars and it's 30 years in the future.

You're sitting in traffic, a blizzard hits, your heater is electric, a few hours pass and your battery dies, so do you, a few hours later.

You're in the desert, a small quake fractures the freeway for several miles in each direction, cars backed up for miles and the temp has soared to 110+ degrees, your air conditioner runs off the battery which has died.

I could make up several of these scenarios ending in death, and all because they passed Marxist laws without building any infrastructure. But what could be a cheap and easy fix you ask? Mini nuke plants buried across the country, no bigger than a pickup truck but enough power to serve 50,000 households, or in this case, thousands of cars in need of recharging.

Get it now? It was never about the environment, it has always been about control and a guaranteed income from the slave consumer.

Point is, don't buy the lie of "Green Energy" like you did sticking solar panels on your house. In truth, you were selfish by making others pay so you could save a buck. It's for this reason I never sold grid tie systems. I knew it was evil and refused to partake in the biggest scam in history. That is, until the CCP virus and so called "Vaccine" Jab came along. Who in their wildest dreams ever thought the left could ever top the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) scam? I surely didn't.

So don't think buying an electric car is in your future, they won't break ground on a charging system for at least the foreseeable future, say 40 years.

Of course, this is all avoidable based on the idea that the DNC will no longer exist, assuming no one votes for RINO who'll bail them out.

Meaning, if the left, and that includes the GOP Establishment gets their way, they would nationalize energy production, forcing people onto public transit, and rural families back into cities because they could no longer afford a personal vehicle.

The future is in your hands, vote accordingly!

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