Thank You Mr. President For Firing Tom Price

Posted by DC on Sat, 09/30/2017 - 06:54

For many years, Dr. Tom Price represented me in Congress. Early on he was a conservative, but his roots grew deep into the swamp sewage and he morphed into a legit RINO swamp creature. I can't find it now, but I remember his Conservative Review scorecard rating in the 70s. He wasn't the worst, but he certainly was no longer a conservative.

When the President selected him for HHS Secretary, I was happy. As a long time constituent I knew of his passion for a free market health care solution, so I thought he was perfect for the job (even though that cabinet position should be eliminated). He's a real medical doctor – not a fake academic doctor.  I was happy we got rid of a RINO and moved him into a position he had passion for.

Unfortunately, he behaved like a Democrat in regards to his travel. The costs I've seen so far total around $1mm but I'm sure they'll increase as discovery continues. This amount is basically zero in the scope of the waste and fraud in the government, but it's wrong. He's not a king. He's not entitled to using our tax dollars for his personal pleasure.

Dr. Price, shame on you. I supported you for HHS, spoke highly of you to others, and you let me down.

The President could have ignored these misdeeds. He could have brushed them under the rug, or pushed out a tweet that would have had the media chasing another squirrel into the middle of traffic, but he didn't. He could have simply reprimanded him, or made the case for Democrat hypocrisy, but he didn't. He acknowledged the situation, said he didn't like it and that it wrong, and said he was going to make a decision. He then fired him.

This makes my conservative soul happy, and as a small business owner, it warms the cackles of my heart. He showed he cared about how our tax dollars are managed. As a small business owner, it showed me he has control of his employees and won't let them run amok. As a conservative, it showed he's principled when it comes to right and wrong.

Did he use this to get rid of someone he didn't like? Was there another motive? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know and I don't care.

Thank you, Mr. President, for sticking up for the tax payers and doing what's right.

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