Ted Cruz put Merrick Garland in the oven and baked him like a turkey

Posted by DC on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 20:45

Ted Cruz bagged a Merrick Garland today:

Cruz takes down a Garland

99.9% of the time when I see a headline about someone completely demolishing another in a hearing or some type of cross-examination setting, the clip wasn't worth the click.  This Cruz smackdown of Merrick Garland, however, was perfect in several ways.

First, it's a major blow to the enemy overall.  The Marxists holding on for dear life to the illusion of being in control of the White House is slipping away every day, and exposing their pretend Attorney General takes away their illusion of intimidation.  The only reason we have any problems is because people are intimidated and fear going to jail for behaving like a normal American.  Garland represents the tip of that community-organizing spear, and he was intellectually emasculated today. 

The fear parents had of standing up to CRT in their schools for fear of political prosecution is now gone.

Second, it was just embarrassing.  This clown was who they wanted as a Supreme Court Justice?  He was exposed as a complete partisan who clearly cares nothing about objectivity or ethics.  Not being able to answer the question about if he consulted with the ethics committee was pretty stunning.

The hearing today also put on display how someone with a long career as a judge is not used to handling a cross-examination, and I think Cruz knew that and used that to step on the gas.

Ted Cruz delivered a devastating blow to the Marxist globalists' illusion that they're in control and should be feared.  He humiliated their chief intimidator.

For us conservatives, Ted Cruz really is our top litigator on the national stage.  Here's the clip:


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